Saturday, May 31, 2008

My Blog is Getting Soooo Boring....

My blog has gotten so boring lately that I don't even want to read it. I think I'm going through a dry spell and I apologize for that. It's just that nothing is happening in my life right now and it makes for poor fodder for writing.
Anyhoo, I went on Thursday for my eye op and it went pretty good! Not as painful as it has been before and it seemed to go quite fast. Whew! Only 3 more to go. I'll be glad when they're done. The only thing I've noticed is that after each one, my eyesight is even dimmer than before. This procedure is not intended to improve my sight, but only to keep blindness at bey. However, the Dr. said it will diminish my sight a bit. Well, it's time for real (as apposed to reading) glasses. Maybe I'll get the big clown ones with the nose attached and feather eyebrows...could be fun!
The three babies are becoming enormous, all bums and bellies. So cute. Holly and I will be taking video of them and I'll post them. You'll all be shocked at their size. Their eyes are actually open now and they look like ugly little vultures at this point. But we love them anyway. However, we will be selling them. Just with the birds we have, there are times when you can't hear yourself think...our house is pretty loud. I wouldn't be able to handle anymore 'peeping'. I called Bambi the other day and she was busy so she put me on speaker phone so she could continue her work and talk at the same time..she said it sounded like I was calling from the rainforest. The blessing to all this is that, come night time, they are dead silent...except for Tequila who gets excited when his dad comes home from work. Tequila is so funny. When he sees his Dad walk down the hall to go to bed, he will screech to be put to bed too. He is free all day to sit on top of his cage or come out to the living room to visit us, but when dad goes to bed, he screams and gets into his cage waiting for us to close his door and cover him for the night. Spoiled bugger! Funny thing is about Tequila, he loves his dad and likes to sit on him, but dad is not allowed to touch him or he will bite. He's not the friendliest of birds and will only let me touch him or kiss him, although Holly can sometimes get a kiss if he's on his cage. So temperamental. Up at the love nest, the neighbours have a cockatiel that I sometimes visit. He's over 33 years old!! What!? Better get used to Holly, Tequila, cause I doubt I'll be around that long.
In other new....let's talk 'penis plugs'. Oh c'mon, you were all wondering about it for years and now I will explain it. (don't act like you weren't) Lumpy, (our guinea pig) was out playing on the floor the other day, when Holly noticed something hanging out of his back end. She freaked and brought him to me in a blanket, on his back, legs spread. I saw there was something there and I pulled on it thinking it was some debris from his cage. Out came this long, (about an inch) white rubbery thing. I dropped it on his blanket in horror. OMG, he's got worms. I had never heard of Lumpy's having worms before. I was horrified. Holly quickly dumped him back in his cage. She was even more freaked out than I was. I looked it up on the web and read it was highly unusual for a Lumpy to get worms but if they did it was serious. I kept searching. Something didn't seem quite right about it. I was almost positive that it wasn't coming from his bottom, but from his penis area. I finally found a vet blog that talked about 'penis plugs'. It turned out that he had been in heat, and sperm had collected and jelled. All you had to do was pull them out. So, I did...ugh...and he's fine. My poor little lumpy. He complained the whole time that it was very close to rape and he was feeling violated but we ignored him. He said he felt much better afterwards and thanked us. Boy, the things we do for our loved ones. I'm not sure I would even do that for my Hubby, as much as I love him. O.k. enough about that...I'm feeling kind of sick now....
We have joined a new church recently and it is wonderful. We all really enjoy it. The actual church building isn't all that big, but the congregation is big enough that they have 3 separate, but identical services on the weekends. Their first one being on Saturday nights. We love that fact, as Sunday is really the only day Hubby has off, so it's perfect. The music and the sermon are fantastic and the pastor is quite a young guy and very interesting. It is a very vibrant and active church and Holly is planning to go on a young adult retreat in July. It lasts 3 days and I think it will be good for her.
Well that's all there is to post about. Have a great weekend everyone.
Take care


forsythia said...

Boring!? I don't think so. It's actually quite educational. Especially the part about Lumpy.

Katie's Blog said...

Hi. Thanks for reading my blog. DID stands for Dissociative Identity used to be called Multiple Personality Disorder. Anyway, we have a guinea pig almost just like yours. I'll try to take a pic.


keith hillman said...

Your posts are never boring! I just love your conversational style - it's as if you are talking just to me!!

Keep up the good work.

Nancy said...

I enjoy your blog but like you I tend to have some spells where I dont know what to write about. Just keep writing. We love ya! I have been carrying a little notebook in my purse lately to keep notes of things I see, hear or think about. That might help kick the writing in high gear for you too. Hugs

Tory said...

Thanks all for the encouragement. We all have times when we are a little dry, but I will keep writing and if it gets just too boring, let me know.
Take care