Tuesday, May 13, 2008

It's Just Me...or is it just me?

This is the kind of antics my poor Hubby has to put up with. Too funny! These are our big kids now, Gus and Queenie. (Gussie is the one with the yellow on his head) Aren't they beautiful? But, as usual, they are love birds and they are bad, bad, bad. They're lucky they're so cute! They're a lot of fun though. We take them out every morning and they chase each other around the living room, tear up every piece of paper they can find, sit on the windowsill looking out which is really cute. And constantly fight with each other. Even when they're cuddling. But we love them anyway, even when they're dangling off of our nose rings or when they're dangling off Hubby's glasses. Little buggers!
One of Poppy's babies has hatched...here we go again. Naked with big black closed eyes with his head stuck between the other eggs. At this point, he, of course, cannot lift his head by himself, not for about 6 weeks. So, I'm sure we'll see a new one hatch if not every day, every second day. Poppy's going to be busy.
The plan is to sell them, and gosh I pray I can because plan B is to basically stand on a corner in a trench coat, cigarette hanging out of my mouth, going...'Pssssst...wanna buy a love bird cheap, Bud?' at which point I flash open my coat and have all five of the little buggers hanging in a row on strings. No, of course I wouldn't do that....that's what I had kids for. When my girls were little, I thought I had them so they could get the t.v. remote for me. They're older now...
Ashley phoned me tonight. She had gone to see her father's new house. (you remember Fang, the ex?!) She said, 'Mom, his house is gorgeous.' I sniffed and tried not to sound interested. 'Really?' Ashley responded, 'Well, yeah, because it has all of your furniture in it!' I could have cried. My beautiful furniture. And it really was beautiful. All of my beautiful new appliances, my huge solid oak, hand made dining room with matching candle table and huge corner cabinet...waaaaah. And then it hit me, I'm free from him and it was worth it and more...I'm happy...and...lol..he's 50 and just had a baby over Christmas! One poor child that neither he nor his girlfriend, also close to 50, didn't want. That's just so sad for that baby, especially since he was a terrible father the first time around. I will pray for that baby all it's life, I suspect. He was very abusive to my 2 girls, and would have been physically except I could kick his ass and he knew it. (read, crazy native woman) But that's the only reason why he didn't. He was scared for his life and for good reason. He knew not to ever cross that point, cause I promised him great pain if he did. I had to in order to keep the girls safe. But he did a lot more damage on all of us mentally and emotionally. He only physically went after Ashley once. They were in the car and I was in the house. I heard them pull in and within seconds, Ashley was in the door, up the stairs and screaming for help. She jumped from the stairs into my lap. (She was like 14 then) He came flying up after her. I stood up, pushed her behind me and faced him. 'What the hell do you think your going to do?' I asked him, shaking. He turned to Ashley and said, 'You're going to pay for that!' I felt that was a serious threat, and that was pretty well the night I started staying awake all night to keep the kids safe. He was capable of murder and he was terribly jealous of the kids. Other than that, things were pretty hunky Dory around there. So, he can have all I ever owned, but I have things he'll never have in his life. How did I get into all this?? Sorry...I'm so emotional lately...menopause?? Did you notice anything bad starts with the word 'men'? Menopause, Menstruation, Mental Illness, Menial Jobs...Just kidding you guys. I love men.
Anyway, that's all the news that's fit to print.
Take care


Moon said...


someone's getting stepped all over

Andrew said...

That's what you call a face full of bird!!!! LOL Hope you're well friend!

Tory said...

Hi Moon, nice to see you. Drop in anytime. Yes, we are but slaves to our petting zoo, it's true.
Hey, Andrew, my friend, How are you doing? I'm good, but it's early..lol.
Take care