Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Love Nest With Perks!!

I have been neglecting my blog for awhile, so sorry! I am still at the love nest but with perks...Ashley, Rob and the grand kids are up for a visit. We are having a great time with them, except Holly and I have colds for some reason.
The kids have had fun going to the beach and the pool, and Scarlett is now walking like a little soldier! She's only been walking for 6 days, but she gets around really great. It's so cute to see her older brother and sister interact with her. Most of the time, they are really good with her and she tries to play with them. So cute!!
Stephon woke up and asked his mother this morning, 'Why do we keep sleeping here, Mom?' Too funny. Ariel is getting so big now and is smart as anything. Nothing gets past her.
Of course, I will be sad when they have to leave again, but hopefully it won't be too long before we see them again. And yes, I will probably cry when they leave, as I always do. Sigh....
NAI Hubby finished his holidays Monday and had to go back to work, so we were alone all week. However, we are anticipating his arrival late this afternoon. We've missed him. The love nest just isn't the same without him around.
The kids will be taking their 3 baby lovebirds home with them, and I know Holly and I will miss them too as we have gotten a little attached to them. We have to stop that if we are going to be able to sell them the next time Poppy has a batch...sigh...
We have had really bad weather for them being up. It seems we had thunder storms just about every day. They have managed to pop out to the beach in between storms. It has been thundering all morning again today....sigh....
Anyway, more news as soon as it comes in.
Take care

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Holiday Time At the Love Nest!!

Well I know that's it's been a long time since the last post, but we are up at the love nest and are having a wonderful time. It seems like we've been pretty busy, but there's been a lot of relaxing going on too. It's just the best place to be in the world, especially if you want a break from the city.
We set up our new patio set, and have eaten many meals out there. Right now it's pretty hot and humid, so we will stay in until it cools down a bit, which it should tomorrow. But that's ok, it gives me time to catch up on posting and reading my fave blogs. Hubby just went out to pick up a few things we need and Holly is listening to music. We are all bonding pretty well as a family and it's been so good for all of us being up here.
This year I have had a bad case of psoriasis, all along my right arm from my elbow to my fingers. Very itchy and annoying. When I unpacked, I found what I thought was Hubby's psoriasis ointment in my bag. I used it faithfully every day since I got here. It didn't seem to be helping much, but at least it didn't feel as itchy. Holly was sitting on the couch and she noticed the cream. She asked me if I had been using it for my psoriasis, and I replied proudly, yes, every day. She picked it up and then just looked at me like I was crazy. Now what did I do?? 'Mom, this isn't psoriasis cream.' 'Of course it is!' I replied. 'No Mom, this is vaginal cream for a yeast infection!' I was floored! 'Are you kidding???' I replied, shocked. Sure enough, that's what it was. Gosh, I'm such a dork. Of course, Holly laughed for a full 10 minutes and has mentioned it about 100 times since. What a brat! All I had to say in my defence was, 'I told you I can't see!'
Since I've been here at the love nest, I have been having some really bad coughing fits and I've almost lost my voice. (Much to the thrill of my family!) Also, my glands under my neck have swollen up, but they don't hurt. I've also had a lot of dizzy spells. So we decided to hop over to the nearest town, to see if I could get some cough meds. I told the Dr. all the symptoms, focusing on my throat and glands. I thought the dizzy spells could be from a possible ear infection or something like that. It was all good up until I told her of the dizzy spells, which were bad enough that Hubby had to hold my hand when walking from the car to anywhere. I was actually afraid that I would pass out in front of people and embarrass myself....yeah, like that would be something new for me..
Anyway, she said she was concerned about my dizziness. She layed me down and took my blood pressure, which I've never had a problem with. Of course, it was normal. Then she asked me to stand up. My blood pressure plummeted to the point that she and Hubby had to hold on to me, I was so wobbly. She thought that I was dehydrated, but was not sure why my blood pressure was doing this, so she took some blood and urine tests and I should hear by Friday. I'm fine, just a bit dizzy.
Ashley, Rob and the kids will be coming up around July 20th and I'm so looking forward to that. We'll have a great time and I've bought the kids some fun toys to play outside with. I can't wait!
After they've gone, I will be inviting Bambi out for a rest. Just a girls weekend. I'm looking forward to that a lot.
Just as I've been writing this post, a big storm has developed. There is no nicer sound than the rain on the tin roof, it's so relaxing and somehow comforting.
Saturday night the trailer park had Canada Day fireworks. We all took our lawn chairs to the center of the park where there is a big park. It was a beautiful night and they really do a good job of the fireworks. It lasts about 40 minutes or so. Would you believe I fell asleep in my lawn chair?! Even through all those pops and bangs, I managed to have a lovely nap. Hubby and Holly laughed at me, of course. They're just jealous of me...
Anyway, happy holidays all.
Take care