Friday, September 06, 2013

Busy Bee...

Gee, I think I'm busier now than I was when I was going to Ottawa three times a week for dialysis!
It seems constant with nurses coming in and out of my home and it seems that there is a delivery guy at my door every single day with yet another box. I'm beginning to feel like a Walmart warehouse with all the boxes filled with the crap needed for my medical stuff...ugh. It didn't help that I discovered I had a hole in the bottom of my foot I didn't know about for who knows how long which got infected so I also had I.V. antibiotics for 4 days, which caused a whole new batch of boxes to be delivered. Crazy!
That is really all my life has been about for the last little while and I fear I have nothing new to write at this time, but wanted to check in. Will write again soon.