Sunday, April 07, 2013

This And That...

I love animals. All animals except bugs and bats. I draw the line at things that have such good 'sonar' that they fly right into you. And trust me, they do. I know, bugs are not animals, but, whatever. Anyway, the one animal I've never been extremely crazy about is cats. It's not that I didn't like them, I was just never a cat person. When the girls were growing up, we usually had a cat of some sort, mostly because Ashley loves cats and would constantly bring one home. I didn't usually pay much attention to them as it was the girls job to take care of it. The point of my story is coming. So, when we moved here 3 years ago, and we live beside Ashley.  Ashley had a cat that I actually fell in love with. Whiskers was an indoor/outdoor cat. A great big girl who happened to be pregnant at the time. Once we moved in, she began to come to our house instead of Ashley's. I liked her, so I couldn't turn her away, and she never went to Ashley's house again! We all just accepted it and I would actually look for her at night and worry if she didn't come home. I began to really love this cat. When it came time for her to have her babies, we made a bed for her in the bottom shelf in the kitchen, which she loved. She ended up having 5 healthy and diversely coloured babies. I really didn't pay that much attention to the babies, but she was a good mother. Eventually, Ashley said she was finding a home for them. And she did. But, somehow, we ended up with Noel, a beautiful little black and white kitten. One day, I realized that Whiskers had been gone from home too long. I just knew in my gut that something was wrong. We looked for her several times that day. Hubby came in from outside and told me that she was under our car and wouldn't come out. I ran outside and laid on the ground to have a look. Just one look told me she was hurt, as she was panting and wouldn't move. My heart broke. The only way to get her out from under the car was to pull her out by the tail. I did so, as quickly, but as gently as possible. She screamed in pain. I carefully scooped her up and we made a soft bed for her. Once we had her comfortable, I had a good look at her. There was no blood, but you could tell she was terribly broken inside. Internal injuries. For sure she was hit by a car. It was too late to find a vet, so I stayed awake with her most of the night. She seemed alright as long as she didn't move. Of course, we took her to the vet first thing the next morning and it was as I thought. We had to have her put down, and it broke my heart. I was surprised at how upset I was about it, because I have never bothered about a cat before.
Whiskers was gone, but at least we had one of her offspring. But can you have 2 cats as good as Whisker? I am flabbergasted to report that Noel is the best cat I've ever seen. He's as sweet as Whiskers, but he's an indoor cat only, so I don't have to worry. I honestly love him with my whole heart. And he's totally a mommy's cat. He loves me too. Amazing! I now love cats! All I can say is that, Whiskers and now Noel, have been wonderful ambassadors for cats.
By the way, here is a picture of Ashley's new cat. She's about as pretty a cat as I've ever seen, but my heart is with Noel.

I almost forgot to report the good news that my heart is completely fine. Yay!

Friday, April 05, 2013

Is It Spring Yet??

Oh what fun it is around here! I was back in the hospital last week, but only for 2 days. Water in my lungs again because of a stupid cold, plus just an over abundance of water in my body. Stupid kidneys, stupid water...especially stupid kidneys! Ah well, life goes on. I do however have my bag packed to go back to the hospital as my creatnine levels (protein in my pee, I think) are outrageous and I just escaped dialysis by the skin of my teeth last week, however, creatnine steadily going up, so just waiting for the results of a blood test I took today.
Holly will soon be tested to see if she will be able to give me one of her kidneys. At first, I was dead set against it, but have been reassured 100 times that she is at a very low risk for diabetes, so, although I'm not totally convinced quite yet, It won't hurt to see if we're a match.
But we must remember, we are dealing with a 'Holly' here.  Ever since this discussion has been on the table, she uses it to her advantage. 'Mom, your kidney feels like scrambled eggs, could you make them like only you can?'  O.K. she may have me over a barrel now, but once it's been determined that we are a match, she had better get out the frying pan, because I've been on youtube and have a pretty good idea how to remove a kidney. I may do it myself. Surprise Holly! All I need, an anvil and a bazooka.  Oh no, sorry...that's knitting.
Anyhoo, I am really sorry my posts are so health oriented as really, I don't have anything else going on right now that doesn't include clowns, pasteurized milk and rubber sheets my kidneys.
I absolutely love that strikethrough feature we have on blogger and my New Year's resolution (Tory-come-lately!) is to use it at least once during each post.
I will try to post on a regular basis, but if I'm away, I am probably in the hospital getting my kidneys stapled to my bottom lip or something, and I will post in 7 years the minute I get home.
Take care!