Sunday, March 30, 2008

Lunch With The Whole Fam Damily.....

Well, I've been on some new meds that haven't been totally agreeing with me and have felt flu-like for a couple of weeks now. I started to take half doses and today I felt better. So, new and improved Hubby took Holly and I out to our local Chinese buffet. I decided to bring you all along with us...and took pictures of all the crap we ate. We ate ourselves sick and then went shopping. All in all, a fun day!
Will post more tomorrow, looks like it's time for a nap..oh, and the pictures are a bit mixed up, but you get the idea.

Take care

Friday, March 28, 2008

Let's Talk Art...

1 & 2) Trisha Romance
3) Renoir ~ Banks of the Seine at Champrosay
4) Renoir ~ The Garden in Montmartre

We haven't talked about this before, have we? I love art. If I were rich, I'd be one of those people at the big art auctions. My favorite style is impressionism, especially Renoir or Monet. I also like Rubens. There's something about looking
at these beautiful works that just makes the whole world seem like a wonderful place to be in, suddenly. Of the more recent artists, I really love this Canadian artist, Trisha Romance. She is absolutely amazing. The detail in her painting are incredible. I don't know how she does it! I have been to her studio/museum a few times at Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario and felt as if I was standing on hallowed ground, almost. She has an inoperable brain tumor, and it scares me to think that we may lose this unique talent.
I, myself, have tried to paint, but it is harder than it looks. I paint the equivalent of 'stick men.' This really sucks because I really love doing it...sigh. I keep promising myself that I will get painting lessons one day. That should have gone on my life list, actually..or is it there? I can't remember.
In other news...
Lumpy complained, 'Mom, I just got my cage the way I like it and Holly came along and cleaned it while I was out!'
Holly replied, 'Shut up, Lumpy, you smell.'
Lumpy whined, 'Mom, she's calling me names.'
Poppy replied from the pantry, 'As soon as I get off the nest, I'm going to renew my efforts to kill you all!'
Take care all,

Thursday, March 27, 2008

So...What do ya think...?

One thing about blogging, you can always find something new you want to do. I noticed that Andrew at had something called a twitter, which was really fun to read. Now I wanted one too. I had no idea how to get off to search for it all day yesterday. It seems to take me all day to do stuff other people can do in 5 minutes. Oh well, it kept me out of the pool halls..
I digress...
I finally figured it out and got to twittering, but didn't like the way it looked on my site...what to do?!
Today I realized that you could have 3 columns on a web page..Aha! I tried to figure out all that template jibberish and then Holly walked by. Aha, again!
I said, 'Holly, I love you.' She replied, 'Whatever it!' I'm not beyond pleading and whining, she should know that by now. Finally, she sat down at my computer and found a new template for me, with 3 columns. For a second, she was my hero, that is until I realized that all my pictures and widgets were gone. But I managed to get them back up, for the most part, and I am so happy with how it all turned out. That Holly is a good kid sometimes, so I don't plan on selling her yet. I was going to put her up on EBay, but maybe I'll wait a bit.
Poppy has only one egg now,as the other one is broken. She is so mean to Bailey, I'm considering getting him his own cage while she's on the nest. Tonight she bit him very hard on the foot and made it bleed. Holly and I were mortified, and felt terrible for him. I'll have to call my bird supplier and see what he thinks. Poor Bailey. We should have known because Poppy has all the earmarks of a serial killer. We'll have to keep our eye on the situation.
Queenie and Gus are doing great. I'll have to take some video of them in the next day or two and put it on my photo/video blog, so keep checking back.
Fun with hearing loss...I heard the announcer on t.v. say, (about a serial killer) 'Tears from a kitten, but not for his victims.'
I think he must have said, 'Tears from a killer....
That's all for now, group.
Take care

Monday, March 24, 2008

My Mind is Blown...

Well, peeps, I am flabbergasted! Just checking out some of my comments and found a very disturbing one under..'Heaven..I'm In Heaven'. I really can't quite get my head around it...this sounds like a very disturbed person indeed. I do realize this is an open forum for back and forth communication, but when I read this...well, it really gave me the creeps. Take a look yourself if you don't believe me!! Does he sound like the next school shooter to you? And there is nothing I can do to stop him as he posted anonymously.
I'm not afraid for myself,of course, but he really does sound very dangerous to others and possibly himself. Don't waste your time reading the whole thing, but just have a look and tell me what you think? Of course, I had to make a joke out of it, but....yikes!!
I will pray for Mr. Anonymous tonight, as I fear he is someone who has fallen between the mental health cracks and he really needs help.
Take care, guys!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Oooh...I'm So Mad...

I was going to give my site a new look and somehow I totally lost everything. Holly tried to get it all back, but no luck. I will have to work on it to restore what I've be patient with me.
I'm soooo stupid!!
Take care

Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Easter All...

By The Way....

I Almost forgot to tell you all....Poppy has two more eggs!! Here we go again.
Take care

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Empty Nest Syndrome....

Well, I've been grandbabies are gone. Apparently, Ariel cried for her Nanny half of the way home ...sigh. Of course, I cried when they left and felt heartsick to see them go...sigh. We had a wonderful time, the house was busy and loud and I loved it. They grow so fast and I feel like I'm missing so much. It's hard to believe that Ariel is 5 and in school already. She's so smart, and drew me a million pictures while she was here. Most of us had ice skates on in the cute. Baby Boy is getting so big as well. He has the cutest little face and says the funniest things. He thinks baby Scarlett is a boy even though his mother keeps telling him she's not. He also thinks Scarlett is the family pet. He pats her on the head and says, 'Cute little animal!' One day Ashley noticed that his jeans were bulky, so she asked him, 'Stephon, what do you have in your pants?' He replied, 'My testicles!'. (Do you ever write a word that you're almost 100 percent sure you've never written before? Testicles would be one of those words for me...and now I've written it twice in one post! The 'testicle word elves' will be very pleased with me.)
Last but not least, baby Scarlett. She is so beautiful with her deep blue eyes. She is such a happy baby and smiles constantly.
...Sigh.... We were so busy, I didn't get around to taking any pictures, so the morning they left, I thought I'd better get some...the battery was dead in my camera..but not to worry, I gave them a new camera for their computer and Ashley promised to send some soon.
In other news...the baby birdies are real birds now, In a cage and eating seed. They are fully weaned. I was afraid to stop feeding them their formula, in case they went hungry, but they're doing great. They've been weaned for a week now. Too cute..I will take some videos of them soon. They fly so gently, almost like hummingbirds. So, just for fun, I checked out their pelvis's to get a clue as to their gender. Gus is definitely a Gus...but Leonard definitely feels like a female. So, we changed her name to Queenie. Because their bones are still soft, it is hard to tell for sure until they are about 5 months old...but I'm almost positive. If not, too bad...we will force Queenie into dresses and heels and insist she remain a girl, for our amusement..(I put the word 'fun' back in dysfunctional, don't I?)
I have to tell you that I found Forsythia's blog and read the whole thing in one sitting. She is so funny. One of the things she writes about is what she calls, 'Fun With Hearing Loss'. I hope you don't mind, Forsythia, if I borrow this idea. It's so funny.
Yesterday, I heard the news anchor on t.v. say, 'It's going to take a lot of pigeons for your commute home today!'
What she actually said (I assume) was, it's going to take a lot of PATIENCE...
Have a great week, everyone!
Take care

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Heaven..I'm In Heaven...

Well, peeps, I am in 'Nanny Heaven' right now. I have Ashley, Rob and my three special grandchildren with me for the week. I am loving every moment of it. My baby Scarlett has grown into a little sweetheart, and Ariel and Stephon are getting big as well. I wish I could keep them forever. But no, their mother is selfish and won't give them to me. I just want to borrow them until they're 20 or so...what's the problem. I wish they lived closer...I want to be with them so much more than this. However, It does tend to make this time sweeter and maybe I wouldn't appreciate them as much if they were around all the time. Good news is...once Ashley is finished school, they will be moving back around here and I will never take my grandchildren for granted...ever! I don't want to even think about the time for them to go home...I'm going to just enjoy the moment.
That's why I haven't been doing much on my site lately..however, there will be new pictures coming soon on the photo/video blog, of course of my wonderful, beautiful family.
I hope you all have the best week, like I am.
Take care

Monday, March 03, 2008

Some Sad News and Some Glad News!

Well people, I'm devastated to hear that Jeff Healey, a popular Canadian singer, songwriter, and fabulous blues guitar man, died yesterday at only 41, succumbing to cancer. I have loved him for a long time, and he has a blues bar here in Toronto that Hubby and I kept saying we would go to, to hear him play. Unfortunately, Jeff only played on Thursday nights and Hubby works evenings during the week, so we never made it there. The amazing thing about Healey was that he lost both eyes to cancer at a year old, and fought various types of cancer all his life. He picked up a guitar at the age of 3, learned to play sitting it flat on his lap and the rest is history. My condolences to his wife and children. May he rest in peace.....sigh.
Now I have a story for you all called 'Adventures In Toryland'. In the last year or so, I've noticed a growth on my face. It kept getting bigger and uglier. I was pretty sure it was a wart, but it began to look like some sort of sea urchin/fern. So the last time I went to the Dr.'s, I asked him about it and he confirmed it was in fact a wart. He said next time I came in he would burn it off for me, or he said if I didn't want to wait, I could tie a string around it very tight and it would fall off in a couple of days. Well, I forgot about it for awhile, until one day I noticed that it had grown to the size of a basketball and began winking and waving to strangers. I called him 'Shorty'. Finally it was time to get rid of my conjoined twin, so I happened to be in the bathroom, admiring my awesome beauty...stop laughing!...when I noticed the dental floss on the counter. It was the minty, waxed kind...whatever. I actually thought that could be a good thing if poor Shorty was going to rot to death on my face. Minty is definitely good in this case. Anyhoo...I tied it tight around Shorty, yes, he did put up a bit of a struggle but I subdued him...first a body slam..then a kick in the fronds. Pretty hard to do in our little bathroom, but subdue him I did. (Think rodeo, where they chase the little cows and tie up their little feet!) I then wrapped the floss around him and tied it as tight as I could. Yes, I did hear a little whimper from Shorty...but I remained cold hearted about it and moved forward with the plan. I cut the floss as close to Shorty as I could, but you could still see it. So, a haircut was definitely out of the question for awhile. Plus I have this terrible habit of putting my hair behind my ear without thinking about it. When I did this, it showed poor Shorty with his tongue sticking out, strangling to death and the suspicious ends of dental floss sticking out. I was constantly doing this in public until one of my family members noticed and whispered, 'We see Shorty!' I would of course, quickly put my hair back over him. Anyway, I had a Dr.'s Appt. today and he cut Shorty off. Hooray!!! I have a only a little scab where he was and then it'll look fine.
Good-bye Shorty...sob..I'll miss you...NOT!
One other thing before I go, I've decided not to edit my comment section. It's a pain in the neck to anyone wanting to leave me a comment. I will just delete any unwanted comments from whoever it is doing that.
Take care

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Ugh....some People!!!

I don't know about any of you guys, but I am literally being stalked by someone who is filling up all my comment boxes with advertising. I went to his website and told him to cut it out, so now he's doing it anonymously. So, for now, I will have to approve comments before I post them. Just for now. I don't plan on giving this guy any space on my blog, so hopefully, he'll just give up. Thanks for understanding and please don't let this stop you from all your great comments. I hope this will rectify the situation quickly and we can get back to normal around here.
Take care all