Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Geez, it's Always Something....

Sometimes it's a pain being me...
I went to see the kidney Dr. yesterday and my kidneys are totally mad at me. I have only 16% kidney function left. I'm so dumb sometimes...when the Dr. first said that to me I almost burst out with...'16% out of what?!' OMG, thank goodness I didn't...lol.
Anyway, she said they are going to try and keep what functions I still have but if it should go down to 10%, I have to go on dialysis. Yikes!
They gave me the, 'you are now living with kidney disease' speech and gave me a bunch of pamphlets. I have an appointment to see a special kidney dietician on the 31st of March. Apparently, you can't eat so many things when your kidneys are compromised..crap. Even stuff that's good for you..like tomatoes and beans of any kind. Kind of wierd.
So, I did something today that no non-medical person should ever do. I did some research at the Kidney Assoc. of Canada website. I wish I hadn't now...this is going to really suck, I think. Sigh....
Ah, well, life goes on...
So, I don't need a chrystal ball to know what's ahead for me in the next while...Drs., Drs, and more Drs. Sorry people, my dance card is full..lol.
Anyhoo, aside from that, life is good..it really is. I'm enjoying my life as it stands and will continue to do so no matter what's going on. This crap never really stops me from enjoying stuff, and I have a pretty good attitude about these things. Possibly I'm just too dense to comprehend it all, but whatever.
Take care,

Monday, March 21, 2011

Make No Mistake.....

Well, one could certainly become discouraged by watching the news these days. So much terrible news from every corner of the globe.
I am constantly finding myself praying for the people of Japan. They are saying that there are like 9,000 people dead and 12,000 people still missing. They seem like biblical numbers to me. We have donated to the Red Cross and I would encourage everyone to give, but if you can't give, think of and pray for them. It's not going to be o.k. there for a very long time. Make no mistake, anything we can do is a help and we must not forget about them in a month or two when it's not a top news story anymore.
Then there is the mess going on in the Middle East. Those poor people in Libya are going through hell. Their lives will never be the same again either, I'm sure.
France, Spain, U.S., the Emirates, Britain etc..are sending all their best weapons and aircraft to overthrow this brutal regime. I am sort of wondering what Canada is sending over??
Above is a picture of our Navy, at the ready to assist the allies...sigh....
The media has gone to great pains to avoid using the word 'war' in connection to this campaign against Libya, but make no mistake, this indeed is a war. There, I said it. It may even turn into a world war when all is said and done.
Keep praying....
Take care

Friday, March 18, 2011

I'm O.K....

So, I'm O.K. for now. My creatnine levels are pretty high and getting higher by the minute. I have an early appointment to see a Nepherologist (or something like that) who is a kidney Dr. and with and endocrinologist which is a diabetic Dr. They let me go from emerg so I thought my Dr. over-reacted, but as he told me, it fast-tracked me to see these specialists. Otherwise, I would have had a very long wait and by then I could be in serious trouble.
I'm a mess, but I'm not dying this week...good thing cause I have laundry. Besides, my house is really messy right now and there's just no room to die!!
One time I had a Dr. ask me, after looking at my blood sugar levels, if I was trying to kill myself...and without missing a beat I replied, "Yes, but I'm not very pro-active...a bit lazy, maybe.." He thought that was the funniest thing he'd ever heard...I was pretty serious though. Good news is, I don't feel that way anymore, and I am striving everyday to try and take control of my health for my family's sake and my own. I'm too happy to die right now.
Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. It worked!!
Take care,

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

News and Views...

Well, I know it's been awhile again..
I have been so busy lately. I am happily doing the 'grandma thing' and am crocheting hexagon blankets for my precious little people. They are a lot of work, I must say, but worth the effort. They are looking good.
Also, for Christmas I received a Kindle. OMG...I'm in love. I have not been able to read a book for about 2 years because of my eyesight and now I can read again. Believe it or not, I'm reading War and Peace. Boy, what a good book. I love my Kindle.
Have not been feeling very energetic lately and just feel blah in general. I was not able to get a family doctor in this area until last month finally. So on Monday I went for my blood test as I have a full physical scheduled for next Monday. However, my Dr. phoned me tonight with the results of my blood and urine tests and he wasn't a happy camper. Apparently, my kidneys are failing. He wanted me to go right to the hospital and get admitted but I talked him out of it. But NIA hubby is insisting I go in tomorrow. Old poop! But I don't wanna.....sigh.
Apparently I'm in pretty bad shape...snort....who knew?? Actually, I really suspected something was wrong with my kidney functions but I figured as long as I was peeing, what could be wrong? I thought if my kidneys failed, I would stop peeing and then I'd go into the hospital. But the Dr. says I'm not peeing the right stuff and I am full of toxins. I wonder what would happen if I spit on someone??? Kidney cooties I suppose....
Guess who's taking their Kindle to the hospital??
So, I'll keep you posted as soon as I get back. Please send prayers and kind thoughts my way...I may need them.
I will put up some pics of the new animals we have now.
Take care,