Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Good News and Some Whining...(you've been warned)

Hi folks..I trust all is well in Blogistan.
Well, the good (good?!) news is Poppy has had another baby hatch. Holly calls it Marie. She says she's going for an Osmond theme. (She's such a freak, obviously you should start with Alan.) But no, it's Jimmy and Marie. I can't figure her out, and I've quite trying. She is, after all, my kid...sigh. I told her not to count on the big teeth and she actually looked a little disappointed. To make her feel better, I promised we would raise them Mormon. That put a smile on her funny little face! Gee, the stuff moms have to do just to make their kids happy.
Anyhoo..this is where the whining comes in. I'm a little upset and kind of shell shocked about something that I'd like to share with all of you. (I thought of saying y'all, but I'm Canadian and it would sound really stupid coming from me!)
Since I've been on Google reader, I have found some new blogs to read. There was one in particular that I found good reading. The writer is an RN in an emergency ward. She often has funny stories about life in the ER, and even some sad ones. She's always interesting. Monday I read her post. It was a short one and it was on the fact that it was Fybromyalgia Awareness Day. My ears perked up when I read the title. I've only been told fairly recently that this was one of my problems and I'm still trying to get used to it. This RN went on to say she was tired of having people with Fybromyalgia show up at the ER with their 'pretend' disease so they can get narcotics and use up medicaide and have an excuse for not working. I was shocked. (first of all, I didn't know I could wait at the ER for 8 hours to get some 'good' drugs!!)
I digress...she then had about 30 responses, and all but 3 including mine, were making fun of fibromyagics. She asked in her post how you would be celebrating FMD. There were 2 funny responses, by the way. One said they were having a pin the tail on the pressure point party, and the other said they were getting each pressure point tattooed so they could show every one.
One RN response was, when I see a chart that says Fybromyalgia Pain, I put it on the bottom. It's not life threatening, is it? True, but if someone has come into ER with that kind of pain, please relieve it asap. It would take 2 minutes. Now, I know that there are some people who would be called 'drug seekers', but they can come in with any ailment, (migraine, back pain) and use that as an excuse. But some of us truly suffer, and have gone a long period of time getting tested for this, that and the next thing before coming to the dx of fybromyalgia. Fibromyalgics just want to know why their lives are a shell of what they were. And finally getting the diagnoses does not make us throw a party, but at least we don't feel like fakers anymore.
One of the comments was from another RN, who said she always felt the same way about people with fybromyalgia, that is until she herself got it. Now she regrets her treatment of those people. She asked her Rhumatologist how it can be proved that she has it? He said, 'How can you prove a headache?'
O.k., no more lectures from me. But this post and the comments really made me feel bad. I started thinking, maybe mentally I've just given up...(or worse) I'm just lazy. But how to explain the pain and the complete exhaustion..I couldn't. I didn't realize that this disease was considered 'pretend' by so many medical professionals. But both comments on the positive side, were also from medical professionals.
Oh well, I think I will stay away from her blog from now on. For a nurse, she has very little empathy.
Take care all


keith hillman said...

Tory, just because one person said all those dreadful things, and her disciples agreed doesn't mean the whole proffesssion is like minded. At least I hope not. There must be far more proffesionals who recognise the agony you and your suffers must be going through. In the words of the Osmonds - One bad apple don'y make the whole barrel bad!

Right now I'm off to Greece!

Tory said...

Thank you Keith, you of course, are right.
Have a great time in Greece...and I'm still jealous!

forsythia said...

I believe you. (I get migraines. 'Nuff said.)