Saturday, May 31, 2008

My Blog is Getting Soooo Boring....

My blog has gotten so boring lately that I don't even want to read it. I think I'm going through a dry spell and I apologize for that. It's just that nothing is happening in my life right now and it makes for poor fodder for writing.
Anyhoo, I went on Thursday for my eye op and it went pretty good! Not as painful as it has been before and it seemed to go quite fast. Whew! Only 3 more to go. I'll be glad when they're done. The only thing I've noticed is that after each one, my eyesight is even dimmer than before. This procedure is not intended to improve my sight, but only to keep blindness at bey. However, the Dr. said it will diminish my sight a bit. Well, it's time for real (as apposed to reading) glasses. Maybe I'll get the big clown ones with the nose attached and feather eyebrows...could be fun!
The three babies are becoming enormous, all bums and bellies. So cute. Holly and I will be taking video of them and I'll post them. You'll all be shocked at their size. Their eyes are actually open now and they look like ugly little vultures at this point. But we love them anyway. However, we will be selling them. Just with the birds we have, there are times when you can't hear yourself think...our house is pretty loud. I wouldn't be able to handle anymore 'peeping'. I called Bambi the other day and she was busy so she put me on speaker phone so she could continue her work and talk at the same time..she said it sounded like I was calling from the rainforest. The blessing to all this is that, come night time, they are dead silent...except for Tequila who gets excited when his dad comes home from work. Tequila is so funny. When he sees his Dad walk down the hall to go to bed, he will screech to be put to bed too. He is free all day to sit on top of his cage or come out to the living room to visit us, but when dad goes to bed, he screams and gets into his cage waiting for us to close his door and cover him for the night. Spoiled bugger! Funny thing is about Tequila, he loves his dad and likes to sit on him, but dad is not allowed to touch him or he will bite. He's not the friendliest of birds and will only let me touch him or kiss him, although Holly can sometimes get a kiss if he's on his cage. So temperamental. Up at the love nest, the neighbours have a cockatiel that I sometimes visit. He's over 33 years old!! What!? Better get used to Holly, Tequila, cause I doubt I'll be around that long.
In other new....let's talk 'penis plugs'. Oh c'mon, you were all wondering about it for years and now I will explain it. (don't act like you weren't) Lumpy, (our guinea pig) was out playing on the floor the other day, when Holly noticed something hanging out of his back end. She freaked and brought him to me in a blanket, on his back, legs spread. I saw there was something there and I pulled on it thinking it was some debris from his cage. Out came this long, (about an inch) white rubbery thing. I dropped it on his blanket in horror. OMG, he's got worms. I had never heard of Lumpy's having worms before. I was horrified. Holly quickly dumped him back in his cage. She was even more freaked out than I was. I looked it up on the web and read it was highly unusual for a Lumpy to get worms but if they did it was serious. I kept searching. Something didn't seem quite right about it. I was almost positive that it wasn't coming from his bottom, but from his penis area. I finally found a vet blog that talked about 'penis plugs'. It turned out that he had been in heat, and sperm had collected and jelled. All you had to do was pull them out. So, I did...ugh...and he's fine. My poor little lumpy. He complained the whole time that it was very close to rape and he was feeling violated but we ignored him. He said he felt much better afterwards and thanked us. Boy, the things we do for our loved ones. I'm not sure I would even do that for my Hubby, as much as I love him. O.k. enough about that...I'm feeling kind of sick now....
We have joined a new church recently and it is wonderful. We all really enjoy it. The actual church building isn't all that big, but the congregation is big enough that they have 3 separate, but identical services on the weekends. Their first one being on Saturday nights. We love that fact, as Sunday is really the only day Hubby has off, so it's perfect. The music and the sermon are fantastic and the pastor is quite a young guy and very interesting. It is a very vibrant and active church and Holly is planning to go on a young adult retreat in July. It lasts 3 days and I think it will be good for her.
Well that's all there is to post about. Have a great weekend everyone.
Take care

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

This and That...

I just realized that the last post I made was my 100th..I didn't know! I'm so stupid..didn't even have one streamer or one balloon! For that matter not even one kazoo or one of those things you blow into and they unroll and make and annoying noise, thingys..sigh..oh well. The above balloons is my feeble attempt to celebrate. Yay....
I don't really have anything much to report as my life is pretty boring right now, but I wanted to at least post something.
Tomorrow I'm back at the eye surgeon...God help me. Not looking forward to that!!!! Oh well, only 3 more sessions to go I think. I have noticed that with each session, my eyesight has dimmed noticeably, but it's better than losing my sight. I have an appt. with my regular eye Dr. in July, so I'll be ready for glasses by then, I'm sure.
That's all for now, but I'll report back soon.
Take care

Friday, May 23, 2008

Sorry it took me so long....

So sorry it took me so long to get back to post. I was having major anxiety attacks yesterday morning before going for my eye op. Took a few minutes to do some deep breathing exercises, or as I call it...hyperventilate while frantically looking for my anxiety meds! Whatever. I talked Holly into coming with me. She was a good kid and came. She seemed more scared than I was. It turned out it wasn't as painful as it was last week, so that was a relief. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers. It worked.
Bambi and I have had a couple of (one in particular) really good conversations about the state of our mental health these days. She's going through big changes in her life right now and I'm just my usual basketcase. One thing about Bambi and I is, we really 'get' each other. We know each other through and through. You don't find a friend like that every day and you're lucky to find one really true friend in your life. We used to say we were started in the same petrie dish and then separated at birth. I still believe that! Our deepest conversations usually consist of each of us talking over each other about our problems, while still being able to really hear each other and help each other. It may sound like we aren't listening to each other, but we really are! We also seem to have a constant stream of mental telepathy going between us that only true sisters could. Like twins. If we are together, we both notice the same things going on around us and we only have to look at each other to 'point it out.' Best of all, our friendship has the wonderful addition of both our faiths, which are exactly the same, which means that we both come from the same direction in every way. The root of our faith puts us both on the same level playing field. The ground beneath us is strong, even though neither of us feel very strong right now. How we didn't talk for so long, I now don't know. I have missed her so much, but I will never miss her again! I'm never going to let her go missing from my life again and she's stuck with me until I die. Sorry Bambi, but I love you dearly and you're all mine again. I'm going to love you and kiss you and call you 'Bambi.' Together we'll laugh our way through this life. We'll especially laugh at the most inappropriate times and nobody else will 'get' us and we won't care. Because we know and love each other, nothing else will matter when we talk. We'll even cry and laugh at the same time, cause that's how we roll...
Hold on tight to your best friends, kids...they make life so much better.
You may now officially call me 'Ghandi.'

One more thing, good thoughts please for Forsythia who is having a procedure at the dentist at 12 p.m. today. Thanks all.
Take care

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Good Thoughts for Me Today..Please..

Please think of me today. Right now I'm busy hyperventilating because I go for my next eye surgery this afternoon..I don't want to go. I'm sick to my stomach and my legs are shaking with fear. It has been so painful the last two times, I'm just a wreck. I'm not afraid of pain, but this is hell. Now the accompanying anxiety attack is making it seem much worse than it is. UUrrrggg! I'll let you know how it goes when I get back.
Take care.

Friday, May 16, 2008

They Just Keep Hatching....

NAI Hubby woke up this morning, not feeling so well..feverish and his leg was looking a little red. Of course he's going to get cellulitis just when we're getting set to go away. He's at the Dr.'s right now for some antibiotics. Poor guy.
Well, yesterday we found a new hatchling, dubbed Donny. I am beginning to get an inkling as to how Mrs. Osmond felt. O.k. that's 3 now...god help us. They are pink and healthy looking, big black bug eyes...really quite ugly if you think too much about it. What makes them cute is their size. I've taken some video, but darned if I can get it to upload. That's been frustrating.
Lumpy has found a new passion. Soy milk. He gets a little bowl of it every day, ever since Holly gave him a bit and he went crazy for it...what a nut house I live in...but you knew that.
Not much else new. I'll keep you posted, actually you probably won't hear from me again until Monday, so in the meantime, I wish all of you a great weekend.
Take care

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Good News and Some Whining...(you've been warned)

Hi folks..I trust all is well in Blogistan.
Well, the good (good?!) news is Poppy has had another baby hatch. Holly calls it Marie. She says she's going for an Osmond theme. (She's such a freak, obviously you should start with Alan.) But no, it's Jimmy and Marie. I can't figure her out, and I've quite trying. She is, after all, my kid...sigh. I told her not to count on the big teeth and she actually looked a little disappointed. To make her feel better, I promised we would raise them Mormon. That put a smile on her funny little face! Gee, the stuff moms have to do just to make their kids happy.
Anyhoo..this is where the whining comes in. I'm a little upset and kind of shell shocked about something that I'd like to share with all of you. (I thought of saying y'all, but I'm Canadian and it would sound really stupid coming from me!)
Since I've been on Google reader, I have found some new blogs to read. There was one in particular that I found good reading. The writer is an RN in an emergency ward. She often has funny stories about life in the ER, and even some sad ones. She's always interesting. Monday I read her post. It was a short one and it was on the fact that it was Fybromyalgia Awareness Day. My ears perked up when I read the title. I've only been told fairly recently that this was one of my problems and I'm still trying to get used to it. This RN went on to say she was tired of having people with Fybromyalgia show up at the ER with their 'pretend' disease so they can get narcotics and use up medicaide and have an excuse for not working. I was shocked. (first of all, I didn't know I could wait at the ER for 8 hours to get some 'good' drugs!!)
I digress...she then had about 30 responses, and all but 3 including mine, were making fun of fibromyagics. She asked in her post how you would be celebrating FMD. There were 2 funny responses, by the way. One said they were having a pin the tail on the pressure point party, and the other said they were getting each pressure point tattooed so they could show every one.
One RN response was, when I see a chart that says Fybromyalgia Pain, I put it on the bottom. It's not life threatening, is it? True, but if someone has come into ER with that kind of pain, please relieve it asap. It would take 2 minutes. Now, I know that there are some people who would be called 'drug seekers', but they can come in with any ailment, (migraine, back pain) and use that as an excuse. But some of us truly suffer, and have gone a long period of time getting tested for this, that and the next thing before coming to the dx of fybromyalgia. Fibromyalgics just want to know why their lives are a shell of what they were. And finally getting the diagnoses does not make us throw a party, but at least we don't feel like fakers anymore.
One of the comments was from another RN, who said she always felt the same way about people with fybromyalgia, that is until she herself got it. Now she regrets her treatment of those people. She asked her Rhumatologist how it can be proved that she has it? He said, 'How can you prove a headache?'
O.k., no more lectures from me. But this post and the comments really made me feel bad. I started thinking, maybe mentally I've just given up...(or worse) I'm just lazy. But how to explain the pain and the complete exhaustion..I couldn't. I didn't realize that this disease was considered 'pretend' by so many medical professionals. But both comments on the positive side, were also from medical professionals.
Oh well, I think I will stay away from her blog from now on. For a nurse, she has very little empathy.
Take care all

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

By The Way....

New pics on my photo/video blog. Alsto look for new pics of the new baby, who Holly calls Jimmy...o.k...

It's Just Me...or is it just me?

This is the kind of antics my poor Hubby has to put up with. Too funny! These are our big kids now, Gus and Queenie. (Gussie is the one with the yellow on his head) Aren't they beautiful? But, as usual, they are love birds and they are bad, bad, bad. They're lucky they're so cute! They're a lot of fun though. We take them out every morning and they chase each other around the living room, tear up every piece of paper they can find, sit on the windowsill looking out which is really cute. And constantly fight with each other. Even when they're cuddling. But we love them anyway, even when they're dangling off of our nose rings or when they're dangling off Hubby's glasses. Little buggers!
One of Poppy's babies has we go again. Naked with big black closed eyes with his head stuck between the other eggs. At this point, he, of course, cannot lift his head by himself, not for about 6 weeks. So, I'm sure we'll see a new one hatch if not every day, every second day. Poppy's going to be busy.
The plan is to sell them, and gosh I pray I can because plan B is to basically stand on a corner in a trench coat, cigarette hanging out of my mouth, going...'Pssssst...wanna buy a love bird cheap, Bud?' at which point I flash open my coat and have all five of the little buggers hanging in a row on strings. No, of course I wouldn't do that....that's what I had kids for. When my girls were little, I thought I had them so they could get the t.v. remote for me. They're older now...
Ashley phoned me tonight. She had gone to see her father's new house. (you remember Fang, the ex?!) She said, 'Mom, his house is gorgeous.' I sniffed and tried not to sound interested. 'Really?' Ashley responded, 'Well, yeah, because it has all of your furniture in it!' I could have cried. My beautiful furniture. And it really was beautiful. All of my beautiful new appliances, my huge solid oak, hand made dining room with matching candle table and huge corner cabinet...waaaaah. And then it hit me, I'm free from him and it was worth it and more...I'm's 50 and just had a baby over Christmas! One poor child that neither he nor his girlfriend, also close to 50, didn't want. That's just so sad for that baby, especially since he was a terrible father the first time around. I will pray for that baby all it's life, I suspect. He was very abusive to my 2 girls, and would have been physically except I could kick his ass and he knew it. (read, crazy native woman) But that's the only reason why he didn't. He was scared for his life and for good reason. He knew not to ever cross that point, cause I promised him great pain if he did. I had to in order to keep the girls safe. But he did a lot more damage on all of us mentally and emotionally. He only physically went after Ashley once. They were in the car and I was in the house. I heard them pull in and within seconds, Ashley was in the door, up the stairs and screaming for help. She jumped from the stairs into my lap. (She was like 14 then) He came flying up after her. I stood up, pushed her behind me and faced him. 'What the hell do you think your going to do?' I asked him, shaking. He turned to Ashley and said, 'You're going to pay for that!' I felt that was a serious threat, and that was pretty well the night I started staying awake all night to keep the kids safe. He was capable of murder and he was terribly jealous of the kids. Other than that, things were pretty hunky Dory around there. So, he can have all I ever owned, but I have things he'll never have in his life. How did I get into all this?? Sorry...I'm so emotional lately...menopause?? Did you notice anything bad starts with the word 'men'? Menopause, Menstruation, Mental Illness, Menial Jobs...Just kidding you guys. I love men.
Anyway, that's all the news that's fit to print.
Take care

Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day To All....

I hope you all had a great weekend. I didn't realize I hadn't posted for so long, so I apologize as I have absolutley no excuse for my lack of ideas on subjects to post about.
I went for my eye surgery on Thursday, as usual. All went well, a little more painful thanI was hoping for but that was probably because I had just got over the iritis in that eye. But I lived. I do have to admit I'm not looking forward to the next five sessions.
Next weekend we may be going up to open the love nest..I can't wait for the peace and quiet. We'll get our fishing licenses and see if we can find some muskie. Heaven on the grill. Oh, and to hear all those beautiful birds. Paradise, and it's just in time. I could use a break right now, as you can all tell by now.
None of the eggs have hatched yet, but when they do, Hubby and I will take them up to the Love Nest and hand feed them up there. Holly may not want to come and 5 babies are just too much for one person.
That's all I have for now, kids, but I will make a concerted effort to post again tomorrow or Tuesday.
Take care

Monday, May 05, 2008

I'm Back And Feeling Better...

First of all, I want to apologize for my whining in the last 2 posts. I had a bad couple of days, but I'm much better now. I was taking some Tylenol 3's for the pain for my iritis, and I find the codeine seems to depress me. I only take them when I absolutely have to. It also constipates me, so I can't poop and I feel down...that could be a deadly combination. But I'm done with them for now, and feeling much better, including my eye.
I went for my weekly eye surgery on Thursday. They were supposed to do the left eye this week, but of course, it was the one with iritis, so they gave me medicine for it and did the right eye again. It was not fun! It really hurt this time and I was not impressed. But if I want to keep my eyesight, this is the only way. The Dr. was very nice, and I was just holding onto the hand grips on the machine for dear life. I was surprised I didn't actually pull the suckers right off! But I'm sure the machine was worth a billion dollars and I didn't want to have to pay for a new one as I didn't have my billfold on me at the time. There goes my lunch money...
Anyhoo, now I know I seem to whine a lot on here, but in actual fact, I am very good with pain and weird procedures. I'm not afraid of pain, and lets face it, I have been in chronic pain for a couple of years. But I manage just fine. But this eye thing was so painful this time, as soon as I left the Dr.'s office which is in this huge hospital in Toronto, I began to cry. I don't think it was really the pain, but I could hardly see to find my way out of the hospital, and then I found the car only because Hubby parks in the exact same place. He took one look at me and was upset. He said he hates to see me cry. I wasn't really crying from the pain, because that was all over, I think I was just feeling a bit frustrated over the whole thing. If you're wondering why Hubby didn't come up with me, I told him not to because it's like $12 to park and there's a free parking area if you stay with the car. He said next time he was coming up, but there's no point. I'm fine by myself and there is nothing he can do about the pain and frustration. I made it out of the hospital just fine. So, being the true fat couple we are...he bought me lunch and I had a smile from ear to ear within five minutes! He does know what to do, my wonderful man. My eye was fine after that, it does not hurt after the operation at all. Enough about that, I just wanted to keep you all up to date.
Poppy still has 5 eggs (5!). What a circus it will be to hand feed all of them. It was busy enough with Gus and Queenie but 5?! Help Holly, the cheerful little monster she can be, announced that including the eggs if they hatch, we will have a grand total of 10 birds...eeeeek! Gosh, I hope I can sell them or we're screwed. We love our birds, but they are noisy at times. Gus and Queenie have their fierce talking time between 2 and 5 in the afternoon. They are actually asleep beside each other the whole time, but they are screaming in each others ears, while sleeping. But I do love them to pieces. I have absolutely no idea why they are called 'love birds' except they will cuddle with each other, when they're not fighting and biting each other on the feet. They are little war birds really, but can be so sweet at times. Not often though. We take them out every day for fun and games and it's us against them. They have this terrible habit of grabbing my nose ring and twisting it, which brings tears to my eyes. They do the same with Holly. Now with Hubby, I laugh until I almost pee. They head right for his glasses and stand on his face to do it. He'll say..'Ow..ow!' and I'll look over and there's a bird sitting on each lens. You have to see it. I'm going to get a picture of it for you because it is truly slapstick comedy at it's best! They are so lucky we love them.
Anyway, that's pretty well all for now.
Take care everyone and have a great Monday.