Thursday, January 31, 2008

WWC ~ Round and Pride

Round ~ A little candle in a round bowl, a tiny round pill bottle, a small roundish bean-bag doll, and finally, a Powder Puff Girl and her big round head.

Pride ~ My Children and Grandbabies, of course. The proud new parents, Poppy and (finally) a picture of Bailey. Not a good pic of Poppy, but a pretty good one of Bailey. And finally, my little lighthouse lamp (I collect lighthouses). It was such a find for me and was only three bucks!! I didn't realize there were lighthouses in the shade until I lit it up. It was a great surprise.


Holly said...

Ugly lamp! and it's powerpuff... not powderpuff! Love you.

Tink said...

Aw, look at the little baby! So cute.