Friday, January 11, 2008

Bits and Pieces...

I am trying to stay true to one of my New Year's resolutions, which is to keep blogging and not leaving long empty spaces of time in between. So, here I am, not sure what to write about though, so you know it's probably going to be a weird one. Fasten your seat belts, it's going to be a bumpy ride!
One of the most fascinating diseases on earth has to be 'Ebola Zaire'. If you haven't heard of it before, it is named thus because it originated in Zaire, deep in the jungle. I saw a documentary on it once, and I was totally horrified and fascinated at the same time. Apparently, what it does is cause your body (squeamish please avert your eyes!) to hemorrhage and clot at the same time. It is absolutely horrific! I loved it! No, don't get me wrong, I hated to hear about the suffering of the poor people who caught this dreaded disease, and I wish they could find something to save them, but once you get it, you are soooo screwed. No cure. And from start to finish, the average patient only lasts about three days with it. I'm sure they must be in agony.
O.K. but what I found fascinating about it was the fact that your body does two separate and opposite things all at once. It's the disease for the multi-tasker.
One day, I had the flu, not long after seeing the documentary, and went to my Dr. I felt like I was going to die. After a few minutes, the Dr. came into the room and took one look at me and said sarcastically, 'Boy, you look wonderful.' I coughed for about 10 minutes straight and looked pathetically up at her. 'I believe it's Ebola, Doc.' Without skipping a beat the Dr. replied, 'No it's not. Your eyes aren't bleeding!' Well, o.k. she was right about that. Anyway, I just thought I would talk to you about one of the most fascinating diseases I know. Now you are all informed, you can watch out for the symptoms.
Now I will make a list of things I'd like to change about myself, and you readers can remind me to try and do them...
1: Stop talking to myself out loud when there's people in the room.
2: Stop getting annoyed if they answer.
3: Stop talking to myself in the car.
4: Stop getting annoyed when Hubby answers.
5: Stop getting annoyed with Holly when we are the only ones in the house and she comes out of her room to find out who I'm talking to.
6: Find somebody to talk to.
7: Stop being so forgetful. One time I went into the kitchen for a drink and I actually made a large salad and forgot my drink! I have no idea why I made the salad.
8: Stop worrying about getting Alzheimer's.
8: Stop worrying about getting Alzheimer's.
9: I once put my reading glasses in the fridge and couldn't find them for 3 days.
10: Do you think I have Alzheimer's?
Oh well, kids. That's all I could come up with from my very exciting day.
Take care


Magdalen Islands said...

Hi there fellow heliumite! got your message on the Gimme A Dream web log and thought I'd drop by for a cup of coffee. Actually I've been her before, though I don't know if I left a message or not. If you are listed in the official Blogger in the cafe then that is where I came from. I sure is nice meeting you Tori. When you see me around just stop me and I'd enjoy a chat. If not I'm often at one or the other web logs. See you and take care. Love the little one called Scarlet. She's gorgeous!

Holly said...

I think you should seriously add to your list: Stop making your children listen to you talk to yourself, about your children! I think you should also stop watching shows about diseases because your making me sick.