Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Blah Kind of Day...

Gee, it's just one of those days when I feel like bitching. I think I'm getting the winter blues. The days always seem so dim and dark outside, especially when it's not snowing. I love the snow and it perks me up, but to just have dark clouds all the time...well it's just not working for me. At least not today.
Poor Ashley..she's going through hell right now. Everyone in the house has chicken pox, including herself and Scarlett. It started with Ariel, who probably caught it in school, then Rob and Baby Boy got it. They are in pretty rough shape right now. Yesterday, Ashley noticed a few dots on Scarlett, but nothing very noticeable. Then, Ariel and Ashley got bad colds. Ashley got an ear-ache and a sore throat. Ariel has a terrible cough. So, Ashley called me this morning and said that Ariel had coughed so much during the night, she woke Ashley up at about 3 a.m. and had vomited in her bed. So, Ashley goes to clean it up and notices that Ariel had broken blood vessels in her eyes and on her face from coughing and vomiting. Tonight, Ashley gave me a call...Ariel was complaining that her eyes hurt. She asked me if she should take her to the hospital to get it checked out. I thought she should, because chicken pox can get into your eyes and make you blind. I told her to call me back when she got home. Ariel called me and told me she has pink eye. In both eyes!! Arrrrgggg! Of all things! Poor Ashley! She was at the hospital for only 3 hours, but when she got home, Scarlett had cried the whole time she was gone and was completely covered in chicken pox. What a terrible day for her! And the next few days will be a challenge trying to make sure Ariel doesn't spread her pink eye around. She will probably have to take Scarlett to the Dr. because I don't know how chicken pox effects young babies. Poor Ashley!
I worry about Ashley and the kids. She could use some extra help right now, and I wish she lived closer. I could take the baby or Ariel or even just go over and help her during the day, doing what-ever. Rob is so sick right now, he's having a hard time being any help. Anyway, I instructed her to keep at Ariel to wash her hands and only use her own towel etc. Maybe it will help to keep it from spreading. I hope so. Poor Baby Boy has his chicken pox so bad and especially around his genitals. Prayers and good thoughts for them.
In other news, have you heard all the hype about Tom Cruise and Scientology. In case you don't know, scientologist's believe that we are originally from aliens and they are waiting for the mother ship to return. It's a very odd 'religion'. They believe that we simply have lost the memory of our origins, but the 'church' can help you to remember. They also believe that there are actual aliens already in the American government who are getting ready to take over and enlighten the rest of us...or something along those lines. O.k...what?? I can't believe they actually manage to take seemingly intelligent and normal people, successful people, and convince them of all this. It seems to me to be a slow brainwashing technique or something. And by the time you find out you're an alien, you are already heavily invested in it.
And you guys thought I was an oddball! Even I wouldn't fall for that!...I..don't...think. Well, if I did, I certainly wouldn't tell anyone!!
Anyway, Poppy is still sitting on her eggs. Nothing hatched yet. Is she ever mean to Bailey sometimes. We have to keep an eye on her, she is like a woman in labour. Moody, cranky, mean and just miserable. Actually, she's always been that be honest. She really is not a nice little Poppy, but we love her anyway. She has such a cute and innocent face as she plans every one's death...sigh.
I bribed Holly into cleaning the house for me. Hoooray!! I just don't have the energy to do it myself these days, but I can't stand the mess anymore. In February, I go to a rhumatologist to find out if I have fybromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome. I am exhausted all day long and in so much pain all over my body. I sleep quite a bit and so I haven't been able to work for the last year. However, I may have found a place for on-line jobs for people with disabilities. That would be good to be bringing in some money to help out the new and improved Hubby. But, he never complains about anything with me and is so good to me, I wonder about him sometimes???!
Hubby just saw this and said for me to stop wondering....o.k...
Well, I feel much better now that I've written all my crap down and whined about it until you guys probably thought you wanted Poppy to actually kill me in my sleep! Thanks for listening, guys!
Take care Kids
By the way, does anyone know where Tunisia is??


Holly said...

Hey Loser!

In case you care:

Tunisia is officiall known as the Tunisian Republic and is the northern most African country on the mediterranean coast. It is bordered by Algeria to the west (on the left side) and Libya to the southeast (kinda down and to the right when looking at a map).

I know I'm smart!!! (ok... I googled it!)

Magdalen Islands said...

Where would we be without google???
Why would you want to know that, anyway?
I hope and pray your family is better of the chicken pox and dear little Scarlet. Can you send a new and improved hubby my way, please? I guess we all have those days. Though I don't think it stopped snowing since the first of December around here. None of those gray, blah days here.