Thursday, January 31, 2008

A New Member to Our Petting Zoo!!!

A grand announcment from of Poppy's babies has hatched somewhere between 5p.m. and Midnight, last night. Holly went in to check the nesting box, as she does every night before putting the birds to bed. At first, she thought that the egg had broken and it was no good. Then it moved! I was in the washroom (of course!) and she's shouting at me, 'Mom, something happened!'. I hurry up to go and see what was going on and sure enough, there was Baby Leonard! (We named him after the man who sells us all of our birds.) However, we may have to adjust the name once we actually find out if it's male or female. We're so exited! It's so small that I actually had to go and get my glasses to make out which end was which! He's only between 1 and 2 cm. We took pictures, but were having a hard time since he is so small, but check out my Picture/Video Blog for video and pics. He is so adorable that Holly and I just want to touch him, dress him up in something fetching and put sunglasses on him for photo ops...but we're really trying not to. He probably wouldn't enjoy it. Poor Bailey sits by himself all day while Poppy sits on her clutch. He looks so lonely, but will still tear off into the nesting box if we get too close. But I'm determined to get some pics of him today, to show you all how beautiful he is.
I will also be looking around for the WWC for this week. I can't remember what they were, so I'll have to check again.
Talk to you later, Kids!
Take care

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