Friday, September 22, 2006

My Life List or Is there any hope at all, Dr. Phil?

O.k. Here it is! After much thought, I managed to get it written down. However, now that I look at the length of it, I feel I have too much to do and don't have time to post it! Just kidding. But I figure, I will probably die of sheer exhaustion from just trying to do it all. We'll see.


1) Be the best wife, mother and grandmother possible.
2) Be more dependable.
3) Remember, before I judge...I have no idea what this person
has been through in their lives to bring them to this point.
4) Finish my book and do my darndest to get it published.
5) Write another book, article or a poem. Just keep writing and getting better.
6) Keep learning. It helps to keep you mind alert and alive.
7) Get better at keeping in touch with people I care for. We never know when they'll be removed from our lives.
8) Be a better homemaker. Cook more, clean more. It's not crucial, but it sure makes life nicer!
9) On the same note, get some organization in my life: that makes life just a lot easier. Less wasted time.
10) Try to make time to do all the things that I love, from crocheting and reading to quilting and spending time with my animals.
11) Spend more time with Holly. Just her and I alone time.
12) Be mindful to start preparing Holly for adulthood. Help her to be less dependent on me. it's time.
13) Keep cultivating my great relationship with Ashley. Get as close as possible to her and be as helpful as I can.
14) Cultivate a great relationship with Rob, always letting him know that I love him as my own.
15) Begin to teach those in my family what the bible says.
16) Pray often and hard for my family.
17) Become active in my church.
18) Quit smoking!!
19) Be a better example of how God operates in the lives of those He loves.
20) Be kinder.
21) Pray for wisdom.
22) Spend a lot of time with my animals, showing them how much I love them.
23) One day, have a hobby farm so I can get a horse, a llama, a pot bellied pig, some ducks, an angora goat and as many dogs as I want.
24) To work hard and achieve my husband's and my life plan, which is as follows:
- work hard to pay up our bills
- put some money away
- hubby to get real estate license.
- help him with the real estate business and build it up until we have our own office.
-find a nice starter home until we build up our business. Preferably one with an apartment in the basement for Ashley, Rob and the grand children.
- eventually, move us all out to the east coast. Continue our business out there.
25) Help the kids buy a home of their own.
26) Be very involved with my grand babies. I want them to remember me fondly as I do my two grandmothers.
27) Get fit and eat right. I want to see my grandchildren grow up.
28) Figure out how to deal with this silly diabetes. There's got to be a better way!
29) Try not to sweat the small stuff. Life's too short.
30) Try and have a good time while I'm here.
31) Continue to make people laugh.
32) Improve a little every day, in some small way.
33) Learn to drive.
34) Get one of those funny little half-cars!
35) When I die, get my ashes thrown into the ocean.
36) Have a tea party with my grand-daughter.
37) Take my grandson to the park.
38) Go fishing with my son-in-law.
39) Make some quilts with Holly. Give them away.
40) Do volunteer work at the men's shelter.
41) Cook new things with Ashley.
42) Travel.
43) Go to Israel. Walk where Jesus walked.
44) Make my hubby feel as important as he is to me.
45) Get to know my sister and brother-in-law better.
46) Have a dinner party once in awhile.
47) Go visit my dad and let him know how much I love him and how important he is to me.
48) Get to know his family.
49) Learn archery.
50) Learn pottery and get my own kiln.
51) Get painting lessons.
52) Get outdoors more often.
53) Go canoeing, kayaking, hiking and fishing as often as I can.
54) Tell my dog I love her more often.
55) Walk, walk, walk!
56) Don't harden my heart when God speaks to me.
57) Be more tolerant.
58) Don't go skydiving!
59) Work for world peace! (just kidding!)

That's it kids! A lot to do.

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