Thursday, September 14, 2006


"I have a blog!!" My face was beaming as I announced the news to my 19 year old daughter. "Do you even know what a blog is, Mom?" I began to stutter, "Ummm...ahhh..Of course I do!" Say it loud and proud, Tory, maybe she'll believe you, I thought to myself. "Really? What is it then?" she said. Brat!! I actually thought of trying the 'if you don't know then I'm not going to tell you," route, but that only works on men. So, after a ten minute explanation from my mentor, I was ready to go.
I am a new, baby writer although I've never had anything published except one poem, I have been writing in one form or another since I was a kid. I've had an interesting life and anytime I speak to anyone about it, they would always remark that I should write a book. So, that's what I'm doing. I know nothing about publishing or anything but I'm going to worry about that after I'm done. I found this web site yesterday, and joined right away.
Anyway, back to my blog. Anyone who takes the time to actually read my blog will get my disclaimer before you even start...."No actual Tory's were injured in the making of this blog...oh, yeah, and...I have to warn you that reading this blog will take up minutes of your life you will never be able to recoup!"
Now to the purpose of my blog...there isn't one. It will just be practice for me to try and write something interesting once in awhile. Besides, my family has heard all my silly musings for years and I think they're sick of me. Oh, they wouldn't say that, but let's face it, would you insult the only member of your family that can cook? I think not!
But when it comes down to it all, the reason I want a blog is for the sheer joy of writing. Enough said.

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