Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Thanks Friends...

Thanks everyone for the lovely comments. I felt kind of stupid admitting some of my problems, and for some reason, I feel very ashamed of it all. But, the comments you've left me have made me feel not quite so bad about myself.
I have my iritis back, and have slept a lot the last couple of days because of the pain meds. I feel absolutely drugged out all the time, it's kind of annoying, but I have no choice because of the terrible pain iritis causes. I had to cancel my surgery last week because of it, and they probably won't be able to operate on my left eye because of it, but they will be able to do my right eye if they want, as long as they cover my left eye. Any light is so painful, and of course, we are having sunny mornings here. I have one eye closed all the time, and my underwear on my head. It's a bit uncomfortable, but what can you do. As I've said before, the band from my underwear makes my forehead itchy..lol.
In other news, there isn't any really. So, I'll close for now and post when I have something the least bit interesting to say.
Love u all
Take care


forsythia said...

I left you a comment on your blog of April 27th, and then it occurred to me that maybe you don't revisit "old" posts. I think it's # 10. Here, everything is fine and dandy except that my ancient mother started WW III last night. I'll probably write about sooner or later. Meanwhile, take care.

Andrew said...

Get to feeling better! I am thinking of you.