Saturday, April 12, 2008

So, it's hockey fever around here. I know I keep mentioning it, but I really love hockey. My poor team, the Ottawa Senators are getting their butts kicked by Pittsburgh, but they're back at home tonight so maybe that will least I hope so.
Ashley was saying that she had a friend over from school the other day, and baby boy said to her, 'Guess what's under my skin?' The girl replied, 'What?' Baby boy, 'My wiener!' at which point he was going to show her until she called for Ashley. He has just discovered that his wiener is different from his dad's as he was not circumcised. So now, he has a total fascination of it. Ashley was pretty embarrassed. Ah, kids!
I am going to start a new thing on my blog called, (taaa daaa!) 'Things You Hardly Ever Get To Say In Real Life'. This could be a lot of fun and feel free to join in.
1) 'Pass the scalpel, stat!'
2) 'Honey, did you milk the platypus?'
3) 'You regressed me last night, didn't you? I've asked you not to do that!' (I heard this line in an old horror movie)
4) 'Well knock me down and stomp me flat!' (from an old western)
5) 'Are you're wife and daughter also alien lifeforms Mr. Cruise?'
6) 'Shall we let Barney run things today, Mr. President?'
Well, you get my point...actually, I admit I don't have one, I'm just not able to think of a lot to write about these days. My life is kind of....eventless. Is that a word? Well, it is now.
I am expanding my blogroll all the time now, and I encourage you to check some of them out. People are so interesting. It's like a little snap shot into other peoples lives.
Anyway, that's all for now, folks.
Take care


keith hillman said...

I'm not sure what this snapshot says about your life! interesting read though

Nancy said...

I like the "Things You Hardly EVery Get to say" idea. You came up with some good ones too. I am not coming up with anything right now but I will be back if I do!

Ah the wiener fascination. I guess I can look forward to my grandson coming up with some original comment about that too!

forsythia said...

You're inspiring me to at least read the headlines of the sports page. I know that the Pittsburgh hockey team is called the Penguins, but at the moment I can't remember the name of the Washington team. Does Baltimore have a team?
The Colts maybe?

Yobeeone said...

hmmm...I thought males being fascinated by their weiner began shortly after their birth and doesn't end till they drop dead? ROFL

I've got a thing you hardly get to say! "That's funny enough to slap down grandma!" (southern expression) A girl I knew in college used to say it all the time. She drove us nutts. LOL

Tory said...

Thanks Keith for your comment. What this post actually says about my life is that I am quite a dork.
Nancy, I also liked the idea of 'things you never get to say in your real life'. there is so much material for that. Do come up with something, it would be fun to read.
Forsythia, it's the Pittsburg Penquins that you are looking for. They are doing great, by the way. The Washington hockey team is called the Washington Capitals. The Baltimore Colts are a football team, but I think they don't exist anymore. They moved to Minnasota. Hope that helps.
Yobeeone, I loved that saying. I'll have to use it sometime. I guess all boys/men have the same fascination with their wieners. Go figure!
Take care all