Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Me Again..Ugh...

Well, I had a terrible weekend. I got Iritis (again!), in the eye that didn't have surgery, but that I'm supposed to have surgery in on Thursday. I doubt they could do any surgery on it while I have iritis as it is so painful and sensitive to light. But we'll see. I can hardly see a darned thing. It's so annoying. Thank goodness I don't need to see to type. Every one's first clue that I had it was the fact I was on the computer with a pair of black underwear on my head...dead giveaway! I bring the word dork to an actual art form...sigh.
Well, Poppy has 3 eggs again! Do these two ever do anything else? Let's see if they make it to hatching, you never know with Poppy.
Ok, kids, it's time for 'Things you hardly ever get to say.'
I said to the eye Dr.: 'Are you going to poke my eyes with sharp sticks?' He said no..no fun at all.
Me: The band on my underwear is giving me a rash on my forehead! Actually, I get to say that more often than you'd think!
Me: 'I think my underwear is giving me an 'ear wedgie', is that possible? Holly: With your ears, yes, it's possible.'
Me: 'Must I constantly have bird poop in my hair??' Holly: 'Yes.'
I have a really good 'fun with hearing loss' that I want to relate to you all. Yesterday Holly was doing exercises in the living room. I sat here and watched her, of course, laughing and making fun of her. She's so funny. Anyway, she was doing some kind of push-up and had her face almost buried in the carpet. I heard her say, 'I'm breaking into a slut!' I looked at her like she was crazy, 'What??'. She said, 'I'm breaking into a sweat.'
Take care all.


Holly said...

So you have iritus.... I'm coming to show you my new flashlight. Why do you always have underwear on your head? Is it a religious thing? Did you see Tom Cruise with it? Does it have something to do with Xenu?

Tory said...

Damn you Holly for figuring it all out. Now that you know my plan, I'll have to kill you.
Love Mommy

Andrew said...

Thank you so much for your comment on yesterday's blog post. I know in my own way what you are going through so don't feel alone. You have friends and are loved and cared for. I'm glad you've got hubby to help. I am almost agoraphobic. My social anxieties really stifle my attempts at exploring the world. Take care of yourself today and know you made a big difference in the life of this man this morning when I read that comment.


Jonathon Andrew

forsythia said...

Sorry about your iritis and the resulting rash on your forehead. Glad to see that your sense of humor is intact despite all. Have a good day.

Nancy said...

So sorry you are having problems with your eyes. It sure hasn't taken away your sense of humor though!

Poppy is just a regular love machine!

I loved your "things you hardly ever get to say" and "fun with hearing loss!" LOL I actually have really good hearing but you and forsythia are making me feel like I am the one missing out on the fun!