Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Of This and That

So, I'm back from our 'love nest'. Had a great time, so lovely and quiet there.
Some sad news...we lost a member of our little family. Poor Lucy suddenly had large lumps all over her body and she died. I believe it was cancer. They were everywhere. She will be sadly missed by all of us. Poor Holly was very sad about it, so I told her we'd get another one after the summer. She agreed. We loved you Lucy! Now, what is protocol here? Do I leave her pictures up? Take them down?? Maybe I'll leave them and write a memoriam to her. And of course, when we get a new hamster, I will introduce you to him/her.
As I do on every trip home from the love nest, I say good-bye to everything as we pass it in the car. (Like a 2 year old!) It usually goes, 'Good bye trailer, good bye pool that's not open yet, good bye golf club, good bye golf carts, good bye golf club restaurant....and so on. My husband must have the patience of a saint, as this can go on for quite awhile before I'm not amused anymore. He sits there quietly listening for the longest time, and today, he suddenly quips, 'good bye freshly paved driveway', as we drove by one. I was surprised that he's as big a freak as I am. He used to be the sane one in the family. After that, it was just huge fields on either side of the car, so I started...'good bye blade of grass!' Hubby says, 'This will take awhile.' 'Good bye blade of grass,...good bye blade of grass,' then I fell silent. Hubby looked over at me, 'You're only saying good bye to 3 blades of grass?' 'Yes,' I pouted, 'I'm not speaking to the rest of them. I'm mad at them,...they know who they are! You can never truly trust grass.'
Sometimes it just floors me how well my hubby puts up with my nonsense. It's not like it's something I do just once in awhile..It's constant. I think if it were anyone else, they would have bitch slapped me by now. I'm so lucky.

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Anonymous said...

Glad to see you safely back again, and nice to know you had a lovely time. Sorry bout your Lucy, it's always sad to lose part of the family. Hope your new one makes you happy too... As for saying goodbye to everything, I reckon this idiosyncrasie (hope I spelled it right) is on of the things that endears you to your hubby. At least you know you are loved, hey! Catchya later, take care.