Monday, May 21, 2007

Release the Hounds..pigeons wouldn't cut it!

Life has been crazy the last couple of days. Hubby and I were to go up to our 'love nest' yesterday, but he has had a fever the last few days. Yesterday, when he woke up we noticed his leg was red and inflamed. I should have been a Dr., I knew it was his cellulitis acting up again. Sent him to the clinic who sent him to the hospital for I.V. antibiotics. He picked me up on the way and I went with him to keep him company.
OMG!!! I hate hospitals. It's the boredom I can't deal with, the waiting.
And we all know how hot hospitals are, so I dressed appropriately in capri's and a T shirt. It was quite cool outside but I knew I'd be in the horribly hot hospital. I nearly froze to death!! This hospital had the air conditioning on full blast. I swear I saw a dog sled team go through emergency! Luckily I was able to keep myself amused by making snow balls and hitting the sick and the lame while they weren't looking! Nothing quite says welcome to Canada like a snow ball in the back of your turbin.
Anyway, hubby gave me $20 and I hit the change machine. Then I hit the vending machines. Had about 10 drinks then spent 20 minutes looking for the bathroom. That wasted some time. Tried to read a magazine, but of course, I forgot my glasses. Could hardly see the magazine, never mind the print.
Finally, they called hubby in and we were told to go into a room where there was already a woman in one of the beds. Hubby got into the second bed. The woman was eating lunch and it smelled really terrible.
More waiting. I wanted to scream. Can't stand being bored. Finally, I just couldn't sit there anymore. Took the instruments off of the wall and starting looking into my hubby's eye's and ears. Yup, they were still there, in my professional opinion. After tiring of that, I began to rifle through all of the drawers and cupboards in the room. I remember at one point looking over at the woman in the other bed and she was sitting there looking aghast that I would do such a thing. 'C'mon live a little, Lady!' I thought. So, I continued my rifling. Oooh, rape kits! I looked at hubby and thought better of it. He's a sport, but let's not push it. Then I looked at the lady...maybe not.
Finally, the Dr. came. He was the youngest Dr. I'd ever seen. As a matter of fact, he came in the room on a skateboard and kept his stethescope in his book bag. They hooked him up to the I.V. It was all said and done after half an hour and we were free.
I called Holly to let her know what was going on. 'I have something for you.' I said. 'Ooh, is it food?' She sucks as an anorexic! 'No,' I said, 'better. Hospital/Michael Jackson masks for our trip to see your sister!' She was thrilled, which is kind of wierd. She has a fear of getting other people's germs. She said that when she's on the train, if anyone looks at her funny with her mask on, she'll tell them she's very ill and make them feel bad for thinking she's just strange, even though she is. This should be a fun trip.
Anyway, hubby goes in for another I.V. today and that should set him right.
Have a good weekend everyone.


Tink said...

*Snort* Loved the visual of the doctor on the skateboard. If you guys DO wear the masks, you have to promise to take pictures.

mitchgib said...

Thanks for your condolences on the playoffs. The Sens just outplayed us !
I have spent many a day in the er with my various family members, and have played alot of the games you did ! I used to steal tongue depressors from the pediatrician's office because the kids liked to make puppets with them.
Have a great week !