Thursday, May 17, 2007

Release The Pigeons!!

So, hubby and I were away this weekend, up north to open our summer trailer. It was so quiet it was almost deafening. I just love it up there. There are so many different birds it just makes my heart sing pigeons! Not that I actually have anything against pigeons, but compared to a nuthatch or blue jay..come on.
Monday we took a long drive with me hanging out of the car window with my camera trying to get some great shots of the beautiful scenery. I turned and took a few pics of my wonderful hubby. He actually posed for me while he was driving which was a bit disturbing. Anyhoo, when I looked at the pictures I was taking, I was really disappointed. They looked so dark I could hardly see anything. Holly, at my request, had turned off the flash feature. Hmmm, maybe I needed it after all. I fiddled with the camera for awhile but honestly, I know nothing about this digital thing. I cannot do anything except point and press the button. I mentioned it to hubby who looked at me as if I grown another head. 'What?' I asked. 'Maybe it would look brighter to you if you were to take off your sunglasses?' Don't you just resent a smart alec? Anyway, we had a wonderful weekend together in our 'love nest.'
So, last night we are watching the finale of 'America's Next Top Model'. (I know...losers!) Anyway, a commercial comes on just before they reveal the winner. I take this opportunity to harass my poor hubby on who he picks to win this thing. He replies, 'Miss J, or Tyra'. 'No, you have to pick one for real.' I cajole. Finally he gives me his pick. Silence. I know what's coming. He asks, 'Well, who do you pick?' I reply, 'I don't know!' Too funny.
My eldest daughter is getting ready to deliver her third child in June, and Holly and I are going up to be with her in 3 weeks or so. She is notorious for delivering early and we don't want to miss the birth. Holly and I have discussed this with our pets at length. The pets are not happy but I think they're beginning to accept it. Poppy says she's hoping to have her master plan formulated before our return. You know, the plan to kill us all in our sleep. Heffalump is worried daddy will forget to give him his carrots and celery. I want to make him feel more secure, so you know what this will entail. Picture me, holding a guinea pig up to my hubby's face, screaming..'Say it, say it..tell Lumpy you won't forget!' Holly and I decided it would be better if we didn't mention it to Tequila yet, but he'll probably find out because Poppy has a big mouth.
Have a good day all!

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abbagirl74 said...

Oh! I hate cameras also!