Friday, June 08, 2007

We've Arrived!!

We're here and have found my daughter well and still pregnant. Thank goodness we didn't miss the event. We have been enjoying our time together and we're having a grand time with the kids.
We had a great train ride up. Bought a coffee and spilled it all down my new white shirt, of course. Holly says it's like traveling with a 2 year old.
I'll keep you all posted, pardon the pun!!
Take care all.


Anonymous said...

Oh Honey
you know you are supposed to travel with one of those TIDE PEN THINGAMAGIGS...Glad you got there safe and sound...and Holly is Ok ...Give the babies a big hug and have lots of fun and please let me know about baby makes THREE
I have been emailing with Ron and he is doing ok but I can tell he misses you like crazy , you know I know these things, I know you would look after my Dougie if I had to be away , we can always depend on each other ..I Love You
Be safe and healthy sweetie
Good Luck to all
Love You

Anonymous said...

Happy to hear you arrived safely and are enjoying your time away. Hope all goes well. Take care, cya later.

mitchgib said...

Hi Tory ! Glad you are having fun !
I have a shout out to you on my blog from June 4
Check it out !


Ashley :) said...

HI TORY!!! its ashley! ive been reading your blog and your so amazing! :P ive been keeping Ron happy at work (not too happy dont worry hehe) but he tells me every day how much he really misses you!!! i think hes running out of things to eat! lol anyways have fun relaxing and i miss you! :)

Ashlie said...

its me again! i decided to et my own blog!!! look at mine it's (its supposed to be princess but i mispelled it :S and i don know how to change it! lol anyways love you!