Tuesday, June 12, 2007

She's Finally Here!!!

Let me introduce you all to the new addition to our family...Scarlett Asia..5lbs. 10oz. Healthy and wonderful...born at 12:30p.m. Monday June 11, 2007. Mother and baby doing fine. Ashley was so brave through it all; I was so proud of her. She went through hell, but Scarlett is gorgeous. She has a very deep cleft on her chin al la Kirk Douglas and is very bright and alert. Nanny's in love with this little bundle.
Thanks for all the encouragement guys, it's been wonderful. Will put pictures up so you can see her a.s.a.p.
Take care all.


mitchgib said...

Congratulations to all !

Scarlett is a cool name !


Anonymous said...

Hey there Sweetie
WOW Nanny kinda got there just in the nick of time wouldn't ya say...Nanny.sss and Nana...sss always know these things
CONGRATUALTIONS to the whole family...Give everyone our BEST WISHES.
I am so glad you left when you did but Asia Scarlett would have waited for you Nanny...
How is Ariel and Stephan (Ethel) doing ..I bet they are excited to have a new little playmate ..
Take care and yes please post some pics ...of all of them ...
Lots of Love
I Love you big bunches

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Ashley and hubby, and of course to Nana. Glad you made it in time. It's a blast being there hey, and they do make us so proud, our daughters. Looking forward to the pics. Best wishes to everyone,take care, catchya soon. Cya

abbagirl74 said...

Ah! Congratulations to you and your family. I hope you are all getting rested and that mamma is doing okay. Can't wait to see the beautiful bundle!