Saturday, June 02, 2007

This One's For You Mitchgib!

I love it so much when you guys leave me comments. I guess as bloggers, that's what we live for. Knowing that someone took time out of their day to read our ramblings and then took more time to write a comment, well, let's just say it makes our day, doesn't it?
Yesterday mitchgib asked about the 'love nest'. I would be happy to tell you all about it as it is my 'special' place. We live in a city just outside of Toronto. As a matter of fact, I can see the CN Tower outside my window. It would take us maybe 15 - 20 minutes to get there. I was used to living in the country for 20 years and never thought I'd ever move to a city again. But after I left Fang, I had to move to the city as I didn't drive...well, if you've read my blog you know they just won't let me drive. Anyway, when I met my new and improved hubby about 5 years ago, he owned a trailer up north, about 1 and 1/2 hours drive away. It's in a wonderful trailer park practically in the middle of nowhere. When we were dating, we would go there often and it was like a piece of heaven to me. I hate living in the city and still can't get used to it. I'm absolutely OCD about the noises, the smells, the pollution and too many people around! So when hubby and I go up north, I can actually feel the stress melting from me on the drive up. It just so happens that the park is right across the street from a golf course, with a restaurant where we go for breakfast. The trailer park itself has a beautiful in ground pool and a club house where every Saturday night one of the people at the park dj's a dance, which is a lot of fun. They provide snacks and you bring your own bottle. The park itself is a co-op and is run by the members themselves. They also have bingo night and coffee time. Once a year the members have a big garage sale which is great and mostly everyone participates. A lot of the people who are in the park have been there for like 20 or 30 years! Hubby knows most of the people there because he's been there over 20 years himself. Each member owns the property their trailer is on.
Now for our trailer itself. Most times when you think of a trailer, you think small, cramped and tacky. Some of the trailers at our park are gorgeous. Big and beautiful. Our trailer is nice too. Just the right size. It has two good sized bedrooms and a full bathroom with tub. The kitchen and the dining room and living room are one big room. Enough counter space to cook anything, full size fridge and stove. And, my favorite feature...air conditioning! It's light and airy with lots of windows. A very cheerful atmosphere. When I wake in the morning to the sounds of the of all the beautiful birds I could cry. I miss this type of thing so much. I have a raccoon that I leave an egg for on the deck in front of the patio doors and I watch as he comes for it. Sometimes I look out and see bunnies sitting in the yard! I have actually been known to wake up hubby at 6 in the morning to look at an unusual bird! He doesn't care for some reason, but he always humours me, and never gets mad.
And to top it all off, we're a stone's throw from the beach, and great fishing.
So I hope you get a picture of my little peace of heaven on earth. It's all about the quiet, the peace I get from being surrounded by nature and spending some good quality time with my favorite hubby.
So, Michelle, I hope you get a place like this of your own. It makes life just that much better.


mitchgib said...

It looks awesome!
Is that a gnome in your birdbath !
We leave gnomes in my mom's garden. She still doesn't know who does it, but she is very fond of them !
Wish us luck, my son just left for the prom.
I'm going to take an ambien and go to bed !


Margie said...

Hi Honey
You capture our "love nest" for all your blogger friends , that was so cool now I can see what I am missing so mu
ch when I cannot be there ,,Thank you so much... I miss the trailer sooo and I sure hope we get to go up really was everything up there anyways water... hot...keep me posted our Ashly and the new coming bundle I am so excited for you ...cannot wait
Talk soon I hope
Love you

Anonymous said...

Hi Tory, Your "Love Nest" is tooo wonderful. The birds etc, is like what we have here, except we don't have the water that close. It's a 1/2 hr drive through the forestry for us. I can see why you love to get away and I am so glad you found a real dream guy to share it all with. Your photos are also just great, makes me wish I was there too. I would love to see a real raccoon. They always look so cute on telly in docos, and I love the way they wash their hands when they eat. Isn't nature wonderful ? It makes up for all the garbage in the world, I think. Well keep on blogging Tory, yours always makes my day. Take care, Cya.

abbagirl74 said...

Wish there was room for all of us!

Keith Hillman said...


I found you on Helium where I read your article on yodeling! I loved it!

You may not be aware, but a number of fellow Heliumites have recently started a blogging circle. You can find it if you go to my site,

There you will find links to several other Helium writers. Hope to welcome you there soon.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Tory, but no we don't have raccoons in Aussie, only seen them on telly in documentariees. Wish we did though. And yes I have seen a platypus, a couple actually, both in Sanctuaries. They are very cute. Thanks for the hints re missing pic. Hope to get it back soon. And I did wonder why you changed from an echinacea LOL Take care, cya.