Monday, June 04, 2007

Around the World in 80 Days...well..not really.

So, on Saturday night I get a tearful call from my eldest daughter, Ashley. 'Mom, I think I'm in labour!' 'Nooo!' I yell into the phone. 'You can't do that yet, I'm not there!' My heart dropped. Oh Lord, don't let it happen without me. I have already missed the birth of my first grandchild and saw the birth of my second. I do not want to miss another. I then learned she had overdone it cleaning during the day. I told her to sit and put her feet up and don't move. Let's see what happens. I then called her every forty-five minutes to check on her. Thank goodness, the pain went away..just that rascal 'Taylor Hicks' again! However, she says it doesn't feel like she can hold out for too much longer, so Holly and I change our plans and are leaving tomorrow. I can't wait to see my babies, daughter and wonderful son-in-law. He and I have planned some fishing trips together. That between seeing babies being born.
So, I have a lot to do today, but I can still keep you posted while I'm away.
God Bless you all and take care


Anonymous said...

Keep me up to date

Tink said...

Now that you guys have rearranged your schedule, you know she's not going to have that baby for another week. ;)

It's still worth it!

Anonymous said...

"taylor hicks" , lol!

Anonymous said...

you have lots of pics now on your blog. you should add your yummy recipes to your blog. ppl will love them!

Anonymous said...

Hey Tory, Hope you are there in time. I would not have missed being there for the two births I did witness. It is an amazing and very emotional experience. I don't know your daughter, but give her a hug for me and wish her well. Take care, be safe, and enjoy your in between fishing, LOL.
Best wishes all round. Cya

Anonymous said...

Hi again, Just read your comments on my blog. Thanks for dropping in, its great to see your comments. I would love to see a pic of your raccoon on your blog, a great idea. As to the water going in a different direction to where you are, no, it's not true. I heard that once and wondered why and then they had a science program on where they said it was impossible to happen. Big involved explanation. But I do believe we are upside down, LOL, otherwise why does everyone say we are Downunder. Bit of a giggle really,hey. But we mothers do have power, and I love it LOL. Take care now , cya

mitchgib said...

Hope you brought your catchers mitt Granny !

My prayers are with you and your daughter !


abbagirl74 said...

Aagh! I have been away for too long! Please update as soon as possible!