Monday, March 03, 2008

Some Sad News and Some Glad News!

Well people, I'm devastated to hear that Jeff Healey, a popular Canadian singer, songwriter, and fabulous blues guitar man, died yesterday at only 41, succumbing to cancer. I have loved him for a long time, and he has a blues bar here in Toronto that Hubby and I kept saying we would go to, to hear him play. Unfortunately, Jeff only played on Thursday nights and Hubby works evenings during the week, so we never made it there. The amazing thing about Healey was that he lost both eyes to cancer at a year old, and fought various types of cancer all his life. He picked up a guitar at the age of 3, learned to play sitting it flat on his lap and the rest is history. My condolences to his wife and children. May he rest in peace.....sigh.
Now I have a story for you all called 'Adventures In Toryland'. In the last year or so, I've noticed a growth on my face. It kept getting bigger and uglier. I was pretty sure it was a wart, but it began to look like some sort of sea urchin/fern. So the last time I went to the Dr.'s, I asked him about it and he confirmed it was in fact a wart. He said next time I came in he would burn it off for me, or he said if I didn't want to wait, I could tie a string around it very tight and it would fall off in a couple of days. Well, I forgot about it for awhile, until one day I noticed that it had grown to the size of a basketball and began winking and waving to strangers. I called him 'Shorty'. Finally it was time to get rid of my conjoined twin, so I happened to be in the bathroom, admiring my awesome beauty...stop laughing!...when I noticed the dental floss on the counter. It was the minty, waxed kind...whatever. I actually thought that could be a good thing if poor Shorty was going to rot to death on my face. Minty is definitely good in this case. Anyhoo...I tied it tight around Shorty, yes, he did put up a bit of a struggle but I subdued him...first a body slam..then a kick in the fronds. Pretty hard to do in our little bathroom, but subdue him I did. (Think rodeo, where they chase the little cows and tie up their little feet!) I then wrapped the floss around him and tied it as tight as I could. Yes, I did hear a little whimper from Shorty...but I remained cold hearted about it and moved forward with the plan. I cut the floss as close to Shorty as I could, but you could still see it. So, a haircut was definitely out of the question for awhile. Plus I have this terrible habit of putting my hair behind my ear without thinking about it. When I did this, it showed poor Shorty with his tongue sticking out, strangling to death and the suspicious ends of dental floss sticking out. I was constantly doing this in public until one of my family members noticed and whispered, 'We see Shorty!' I would of course, quickly put my hair back over him. Anyway, I had a Dr.'s Appt. today and he cut Shorty off. Hooray!!! I have a only a little scab where he was and then it'll look fine.
Good-bye Shorty...sob..I'll miss you...NOT!
One other thing before I go, I've decided not to edit my comment section. It's a pain in the neck to anyone wanting to leave me a comment. I will just delete any unwanted comments from whoever it is doing that.
Take care

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Andrew said...

Thanks for your comment today. I was having a pity party and feeling down about myself and you made me feel not so alone. That I had a friend out there listening and reading. Take care of yourself and I will do the same. Will make a concerted effort to add you to my blogroll.