Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Empty Nest Syndrome....

Well, I've been grandbabies are gone. Apparently, Ariel cried for her Nanny half of the way home ...sigh. Of course, I cried when they left and felt heartsick to see them go...sigh. We had a wonderful time, the house was busy and loud and I loved it. They grow so fast and I feel like I'm missing so much. It's hard to believe that Ariel is 5 and in school already. She's so smart, and drew me a million pictures while she was here. Most of us had ice skates on in the cute. Baby Boy is getting so big as well. He has the cutest little face and says the funniest things. He thinks baby Scarlett is a boy even though his mother keeps telling him she's not. He also thinks Scarlett is the family pet. He pats her on the head and says, 'Cute little animal!' One day Ashley noticed that his jeans were bulky, so she asked him, 'Stephon, what do you have in your pants?' He replied, 'My testicles!'. (Do you ever write a word that you're almost 100 percent sure you've never written before? Testicles would be one of those words for me...and now I've written it twice in one post! The 'testicle word elves' will be very pleased with me.)
Last but not least, baby Scarlett. She is so beautiful with her deep blue eyes. She is such a happy baby and smiles constantly.
...Sigh.... We were so busy, I didn't get around to taking any pictures, so the morning they left, I thought I'd better get some...the battery was dead in my camera..but not to worry, I gave them a new camera for their computer and Ashley promised to send some soon.
In other news...the baby birdies are real birds now, In a cage and eating seed. They are fully weaned. I was afraid to stop feeding them their formula, in case they went hungry, but they're doing great. They've been weaned for a week now. Too cute..I will take some videos of them soon. They fly so gently, almost like hummingbirds. So, just for fun, I checked out their pelvis's to get a clue as to their gender. Gus is definitely a Gus...but Leonard definitely feels like a female. So, we changed her name to Queenie. Because their bones are still soft, it is hard to tell for sure until they are about 5 months old...but I'm almost positive. If not, too bad...we will force Queenie into dresses and heels and insist she remain a girl, for our amusement..(I put the word 'fun' back in dysfunctional, don't I?)
I have to tell you that I found Forsythia's blog and read the whole thing in one sitting. She is so funny. One of the things she writes about is what she calls, 'Fun With Hearing Loss'. I hope you don't mind, Forsythia, if I borrow this idea. It's so funny.
Yesterday, I heard the news anchor on t.v. say, 'It's going to take a lot of pigeons for your commute home today!'
What she actually said (I assume) was, it's going to take a lot of PATIENCE...
Have a great week, everyone!
Take care


Smartiplants said...

Testicles? OMG How funny! I am soooo looking forward to the hilarious things that grandkids say! Your grandchildren sound so adorable and I can well see why you miss them so much!

I am looking forward to the bird videos. I have had parrots and parakeets. Would have them again if it weren't for my Monster size cat!

I have to agree with you about Forsythia's blog and especially the fun with hearing loss thing...she is a riot!

I know I am new to your blog but I am getting those same vibes from you too! Love your sense of humor!

Smartiplants said...

Come to think of it...I never started a sentence with "testicles" either! LOL

keith hillman said...

I know how you feel. My son, his wife and my 2 grandchildren moved to Dubai in January and it's such a wrench.

A really enjoyable post.

forsythia said...


Pigeons! I love it. The other day I thought I heard the lady on the local classical music station say something about "five pieces for a runaway piano," but the station doesn't publish a playlist, so I have no clue what she actually said.

Grandchildren are the best. We have a new one--he's 10 days old, and Grandma has been down there nearly every day getting lots of exercise. Mom and baby are on the 2nd floor and the washing machine is in the basement. The washing machine is getting a workout too. When Grandma came home last night, she was pooped, so she ate peeps. Too many, but so yummy.