Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Well, I must be getting old!! I find myself falling a lot for no particular reason these days. Just last week, I went over to put on the corner table lamp and for some reason lost my balance. I was aware of Holly standing there watching me as I (in slow motion) began to tip over and couldn't stop myself. I ended up sliding my butt down the cd holder, positive I was breaking each one as I went down and finally landed sitting in the dog bed in the corner. I looked up and Holly was looking at me like, 'What the hell are you doing?' She came right over to help me up, but because of my fybromyalgia, you just can't tug on my arms to pull me up. I'm far too heavy for that. She managed to get me on my (then, aching) knees in front of the couch where I struggled like a beached whale until she (surprisingly) just pretty well picked me up and stood me on my feet. (She's like the Hulk!) To make it worse, we were both laughing so that just made the whole thing impossible, really. Thank goodness she was home as I really don't think I could have gotten up on my own. Imagine everyone is out and they come home to find me in the corner, sitting in Bunny's bed. Yeah, that's not my best look.
It's not just the falling, it's other little things that I'm noticing. I tried to do some of Holly's exercises with her, and I was laying on the floor, trying to lift both my legs up at the same time in order to do some sort of belly crunch. I could not lift my legs up. So, Holly held them up while I attempted to do the crunches. The whole time I was long has it been since I couldn't hold my legs up??? When did I lose this ability?? It kind of freaked me out...sigh!
I know I've talked about the fact that I can't open anything anymore. Hubby has to break my Popsicle and open the package for me like I'm a 2 year old. Holly opens all my bottles of water, pop, mayonnaise etc...ugh. I figure the next phase for me will be strings on my mittens and my name and phone # on my book bag...sigh...and yes, I will have to use a book bag because I am constantly forgetting my purse everywhere, to the point that I've stopped using a purse. (but I haven't stopped buying them!)
Anyhoo, the baby birdies are ready to be hand fed. They are actually trying to leave the nesting box on their own, so today we will take them out and start feeding them. Holly and I are not really looking forward to it as much this time, as it's a lot of work, especially for 3, but it's time. I have some new video of them from the other day on my photo/video blog. They are going to be beautiful. Ashley has informed me that she wants 2 of them, so I really only have one to sell. Let's see how that goes.
There's not much else new around here to report, but I'll post again soon.
Take care


Cheryl said...

Getting older and the medical stuff that goes along with it just isn't fair. Thank goodness for your sense of humor!

My mom couldn't get out of the bathtub recently. They called 911. I asked if she put on a shirt or anything before they came, and she said, no. The water was drained. She could have. I guess once you lose your modesty, you just don't care. I can't get that visual of my mom out of my head.

Tory said...

Too funny, Cheryl. Come to think of it, I could see myself doing something like Just to embarrass my kids!
Have a good evening!
Take care

forsythia said...

Yes, it's true that our balance deteriorates as we age. I've had a couple of good falls in the last few years; fortunately, nothing was broken. I trip over my own feet a lot, but that's nothing new. Get a book on exercises for old folks. Yes, such books exist, and if the first one you find doesn't have balance exercises, find another.

BTW, a string on one's mittens sounds like a good idea to me. I'm going out to buy some yarn tomorrow. :-)

abbagirl74 said...

I fall over all the time. I blame it on planet Earth and the spinning. lol....

Tory said...

Actually Forsythia, I do have a pair of mittens with strings. It's great if you have a bad memory!
Thanks abbagirl, I will use that as an excuse from now Good to see you.

Yobeeone said...

LOL! Sorry, had to laugh. I have dystonia so falling is a part of my regular routine. :]

When I lived in Brooklyn I carried numbered index cards with me. Every time I fell, I'd hold one up with a score like 8.5. Not a good thing to do. Before long my friends were getting into arguments about my falling score and thought if I was going to fall I needed to be more dramatic about it. One of my roommates insisted I was more fun to watch than TV. LOL!!!

Your post got even funnier about the memory. As I read I kept glancing over at my notebook where I have to write down where I put everything throughout the day. lol!

Life sure is entertaining! :]

PS: Bubblewrap!!! It's the new safety gear of the neurologically dysfunctional! LOL!!!

Tory said...

oh, Yobeeone, you are so right. I don't usually have to put up my own card scores, my daughter always critiques my falls.
I love the bit about bubble wrap..don't give my kids any ideas!!
Take care

forsythia said...

Wonder Woman, where be you? Time to don your blue hot pants and your red-and-white-striped strapless top, place your golden coronet atop your glossy hair, slip on your golden boots, take up your golden lasso and round up a herd of words.

Nancy said...

I hope you are doing okay and will be posting again soon. I am so glad you didnt get hurt when you fell. Getting old sucks big time!

Tory said...

Oh Forsythia, If you knew how fat I am you would shudder at the visual!! But there's the post you requested!
Hi Nancy, nice to see you. I'm just fine and I rarely hurt myself when I I'm looking forward to your post!