Tuesday, June 10, 2008

An Original Poem By Me...

The Feather

Today I found a feather,
In a most curious way,
It landed right in front of me,
From where, I cannot say.
Large and white and perfect,
no blemish nor a mark,
And it was such a mystery,
Imagination, caused a spark.
Gracefully, it lilted,
descending from on high,
perhaps a white-winged Pegasus,
A myth who happened by.
But no, I have the answer,
I feel it in my soul,
The Master of the Universe,
reminding me I know.
That angels camp about me,
close by me day and night,
The feather a reminder,
I'm always in God's sight.

Tory 1997


Holly said...

Wasn't that poem put in a book? I like it!

Katie's Blog said...

Love it!! Made me smile :)

forsythia said...

Tory, wonderful! Someone should set it to music. (Don't look at me.) :-)

Tory said...

Well, thank you all very much. It was actually published in the 1997 Canadian Poetry Society's book of the year, or whatever they're called. Anyway, thanks. I love writing poetry, but just never seem to get around to it.
Take care