Thursday, July 12, 2007

I'm Finally Back...thanks for your patience!!

Hi everyone. So sorry I was gone for so long. At the last minute I decided to stay at the 'love nest' on my own for a few days. I kind of enjoyed being on my own for a change but that quickly got old and I missed my hubby being there. It's almost too quiet when you're by yourself. Sigh...the love nest just isn't the same without my love being there with me.
I put some garbage outside to put in the shed and a little while later I noticed something moving outside on the lawn. It was a gopher and he kept standing up and sniffing in the direction of the garbage. 'Oh no you don't'. He was so cute and must have stayed in the yard for a full 15 minutes, giving me time to have a good look at him. We also have some little red squirrels that are so adorable. I broke up some white bread and threw it around the deck for them. A little while later I heard a knock on the door and one of the squirrels was standing there with the bread in his hand. He demanded that from now on I need to put out multigrain bread, as he is trying to watch his figure. Fine. and so...
Hubby finally showed up on Sunday and I was so happy to see him. Let's face it, gophers are not generally known for their conversational skills. They tend to only want to talk about themselves. It gets tiresome.
We piled into the car and went for dinner in a nearby town. We had a great time, and dinner was excellent.
I was especially grateful that Hubby was there that night as a huge storm came up, the most severe storm I had ever witnessed since I was 4 years old and was in a hurricane. It was very close to tornado speed winds. There was a clap of thunder so loud that it shook the whole trailer. I knew something close had been hit. We were watching it out of the patio door and I noticed that the tree directly in front of the deck, which is at least 200 ft. tall, was swaying back and forth! No, not the branches, the actual trunk! If it fell, it could possibly crush our trailer. We decided to get into the car and head out to the front of the park where there weren't as many trees. We sat at the front for awhile and it seemed to be easing off, but on the drive back, the wind picked up again and it began to hail. I was afraid that it would come through the windshield! While driving, we found the source of the big crack of lightening. A huge tree had been hit a street behind our trailer and was laying on the ground. It took a long time for the wind to settle down enough for us to go back in the trailer. I was so grateful Hubby was there and I didn't have to go through that alone. I don't know what I would have done as the trailer park is almost empty on a Sunday night.
I see that Holly hi-jacked my blog while I was away. Actually, I told her to let you all know that I was staying for the week. Thank you for your know..the Darren Hayes pix! She's crazy about him and it was a thrill for her to see him in concert.
Thanks for all of your comments while I was gone. Abbagirl, thanks for the tag and I will work on it this afternoon.
Take care all and I'm glad to be back.


mitchgib said...

Welcome back ! I missed ya !

I hate storms ! I took a bunch of Girl Scouts camping and sat up all night through a storm. When we woke up a huge 200ft tree had fallen just feet from the corner of the cabin ! I still think we were safer than piling all those screaming girls in the car and heading out !

How is your eye, and tell us what they are going to do to it !

Tory said...

Thanks for asking Michelle. August 31st I go to get a lump removed from my left eye and it will be biopsied. I've already decided that if it turns out to be cancer, I will have a blue eye installed opposite my natural brown eye so I can look like a Husky. I've always wanted blue eyes. Well, even one blue eye is better than none. I also suffer from 'iritis', which is an auto immune disease. It's where the coloured part of your eye gets infected. It is terribly painful and just recently discovered it is not pink eye as they first thought. I've had an attack of it at least 6 times this year alone and for days I cannot open my eye without extreme pain. I usually sit with a pair of my dark underwear on my head with the crotch over my eye. (No, I'm not kidding!) lol...I believe one of my kids has a picture of me in all my elegant glory. I'm such a dork!!
Take care Michelle and I'm glad to be back.

mitchgib said...

Oh, that sounds horrible !

I will be sending good thoughts in your general direction !

Please let us see you with the undies on your head !

Anonymous said...

Hi Tory, Great to have you back safe and sound. I would have been terrified even with my hubby there in that sort of storm. I really hate storms with a passion. I am sending you healing vibes for your eye, and I hope they help. Will be keeping track and waiting for a progress report in August. Pray all goes well. Thought Holly did well with the blog, maybe she should start one too. Take care Cya