Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Life's Good.....

Hey all.,,
I have been a busy beaver lately and things will only get busier here. The changes that have happened in our lives in the span of one year is astonishing. There's a lot of news to report..some big, some not so big,
First of all, NAI Hubby just got his realty license and is starting with a very up and coming company. I cannot express how proud of him I am, By nature, he is a very cautious guy, and for him to make such a huge career change was a big leap of faith. I am fully confident that he is going to do well. I know that he feels like it's a fresh start and is really looking forward to delving into his new career. Way to go, honey!!
As for me, yesterday was my birthday and it was the best birthday ever! I got my acceptance letter from a Christian University. I have decided to go for my PHD in Christian Counselling. Of course, first I need to get my Bachelors and Masters, which they offer as a combined course. So, I'm all signed up and ready to go. I am so excited about this, I could spit up!! I'm going to be a doctor....hahaha. That could scare anyone! Actually, Holly and I have a running joke...we look at each other and exclaim, "I'm going to be a Dr.", and then we make these weird fish faces and laugh our heads off. However, Holly is not good at making a fish face and I keep telling her that if she doesn't get better at it, she will only become a weatherman. Mother knows how these things work!! Hilarious.
Also, for my special day, NIA Hubby bought me a beautiful pearl pendent and matching earrings. I am crazy about pearls. And then he took me for dinner at a nice European restaurant. All in all, it was truly a lovely day. Later this week we will be having a b-day bar-b-que with the kids.
Holly is doing very well. She's plugging away at school and has made some friends and is out and about a lot. I actually miss the little brat sometimes, but I'm very happy that she is becoming more independent. As much as I'd like to keep her forever, it is time for her to get out in the world a bit.
The only bad news has been my health. My kidneys are not in good shape and I will soon be on dialysis, and on the doner list. My fibromyalgia has progressed to the point where I must use a wheelchair if I want to shop or do anything that entails walking or standing too long. Whatever! Blah, blah, blah. I don't even care! I am such a happy little puppy these days, I take the health crap in stride. If I have to council from a wheelchair, so what, I can do that. Sometimes I feel like I can do anything...and my family says I can.


forsythia said...

TORY! So good to hear from you again. Now that you're planning to get your doctorate, you'll probably have even less time for blogging. Prayers and hugs. Best of luck to both you and your husband in your new adventures.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tory
SSOOOOOO Proud of Ronnie
God Bless you and I wish your health was better ....Please take care of yourself
Think of you always
Love Margie

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