Monday, March 21, 2011

Make No Mistake.....

Well, one could certainly become discouraged by watching the news these days. So much terrible news from every corner of the globe.
I am constantly finding myself praying for the people of Japan. They are saying that there are like 9,000 people dead and 12,000 people still missing. They seem like biblical numbers to me. We have donated to the Red Cross and I would encourage everyone to give, but if you can't give, think of and pray for them. It's not going to be o.k. there for a very long time. Make no mistake, anything we can do is a help and we must not forget about them in a month or two when it's not a top news story anymore.
Then there is the mess going on in the Middle East. Those poor people in Libya are going through hell. Their lives will never be the same again either, I'm sure.
France, Spain, U.S., the Emirates, Britain etc..are sending all their best weapons and aircraft to overthrow this brutal regime. I am sort of wondering what Canada is sending over??
Above is a picture of our Navy, at the ready to assist the allies...sigh....
The media has gone to great pains to avoid using the word 'war' in connection to this campaign against Libya, but make no mistake, this indeed is a war. There, I said it. It may even turn into a world war when all is said and done.
Keep praying....
Take care

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forsythia said...

Hi, Tory--

I went to Japan twice and plan to write a little about it in my blog. I plan to donate, but I have to wait until after the first of the month. Poor Libya. Not much we can do for them at this point but hope and pray. Egypt seems like a picnic in comparison.