Monday, February 18, 2008

Family Day ~ Woo Hoo!!

Today is the very first, newly appointed 'Family Day' in Canada. I think they were just looking for an excuse for another long week-end. As with other national holidays, banks, stores, government offices and other businesses are closed. Should you have to work, you will be getting paid time and a half on your wages. Since this is the first one, ever, I am at a loss as to protocol for this holiday. Some of my questions, if I should happen to get a call from the Prime Minister today, will be as follows...
1) Do you have to spend it with your own family, or can you force yourself into the family photo's of strangers?
2) Will you get arrested for this and have a restraining order posted against you, or in the spirit of family day, will this unknown family, (unknown until today, that is..) have to simply call me Aunt Edna and put up with my shinanigans? (such as get drunk, tell stories about their grandmother's foray into the golden days of which her act included a can opener...and a garden gnome...) I digress!
3) Define 'Family'!! Would it count if I decided my family would be Bunny and a handful of Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches...with sombreros and Nike sneakers? (actually, some of them wouldn't be caught dead in Nike...the whole child labour thing...)
Now, to call it family day was a pretty good idea, but not very creative. What good is a national holiday if we can't exclude and segregate people and groups of people? The following would have been good choices, in my opinion, for names for the new national holiday....
1) National Name That Dustbunny Day!
2) Have Your Yak Spade or Neutered Day!
3) Does This Look Infected To You Day!
4) National Smile At A Whore Day!
5) Rough And Scaley Elbow Day!
6) Tell Everyone You're Going To Quit Smoking, Then Don't Day!
7) Name this national holiday, Day!

Feel free to make up your own, folks.

Now, in other news, please check out my photo/video blog for new videos of Leonard and Gus. Today we took them from Poppy and they were hand fed for the first time. They did very well. We thought Poppy would be upset that they were gone, especially since she took such good care of them. She couldn't care less!!! Not a bit, and the baby's don't seem to mind that they are away from mom. It was all much less painful than I thought it would be. We expected screaming and crying...from me, of course..but it was all good.
Talk to you soon, Kids.
Take care

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