Saturday, September 22, 2007

Back Again...

I really suck at posting lately. Just not much happening these days.
Had my eye operation yesterday morning. It went fine. I feel fine today. You would never know they cut a piece of my eyeball out. I was actually thinking that if she cut too deep all the jelly would shoot out of my eye and my eyeball would deflate like a grape, but no. Nothing that exciting happened. Now to wait for the results. I can't say I worry about this stuff, cause I just don't. I'm either really cool or just really dense.
So, is it me, or has the world gone crazy lately?? O.J., Paris, Brittany, ('Leave Brittany alone...sob, sob.') I'm sorry, but I just don't care. Is the world so short of real life stories that we have to tolerate all this crap all the time. I haven't heard Darfur mentioned in awhile. Did they get over all the problems there already? The elections in the U.S. aren't going to be done for another year, but we have to listen to Hilary Clinton endlessly...why?
Anyway, did you hear that Brittany is fighting to keep her kids by going out to the nearest bar she can find, even though the judge told her to stop her boozing and carousing. Did anyone ever think that they may be holding parenting classes in these establishments?? No, we insist on judging her. Again...'Leave Brittany alone!!!..sob.' And, Holy Cow, did you catch her big 'comeback' on the VMA awards?? I did, but honestly I don't know why I did, since I don't even know what 'VMA' stands for!!
Ya, I need a life...why am I enjoying O.J's recent problems so much. Why do I sit with my popcorn, screaming at the T.V., 'Hang the bastard!!'? I really want to be on the jury for his trial and when nobody is looking, make a throat cutting gesture to him every time he looks at me. Then deny it if anyone asks. Is his next book going to be titled, 'If I Did Break Into A Hotel Room And Hold Someone At Gunpoint, This Is How I'd Do It.'
I don't even know what to say about Lindsey Lohan, except maybe, please put on some underwear! Or is that Brittany? Whatever!
Anyway, have a great week-end everyone!
Take Care


Lynx217 said...

The world is going insane my dear, but yanno what, I heard someone say it on tv, but it was also said to me personally. we all love these idiots because it reminds us there's someone out there much more stupid than we are! *hugs* hang oj!!!!!

Holly - Your favourite daughter! said...

Hey Mom! Don't act like you don't slide out of the car like a truck driver, without your underwear on. You do it all the time, admit it!