Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Our Pets...or Aunty Bunny Has A Beard

As you can see by my side panel, I have quite an extended family. My daughter and I are total animal lovers and once we get a pet, to us it is family. Our pets are varied and have such individual little personalities and we have so much fun with them. Actually, our home is really somewhat of a petting zoo, but we love it. Unfortunately, my poor hubby is allergic to some of the fur, but he takes antihistamines to calm his symptoms cause he likes the animals too.
Anyway, first of all there is Bunny, our Australian Terrier. She looks a lot like a Yorkie. Cute as a button, but it doesn't matter how much you bathe her, she always smells bad. Getting stinky kisses from her is a fate worse than death, but she's really cute. When my husband complains about the smelly kisses I tell him she takes after his side of the Next is my cockatiel Tequila. He hates everyone except me. Holly will always try to sneak a kiss from him but he always manages to grab her nose ring and practically fling her onto the floor. Too funny! Holly says he's mean, but I think he has issues with gender dysmorphia. We don't know for sure that he's really a boy, but we will continue to insist he is for the rest of his life. I haven't bothered to get him counselling yet.
Next is Heffalump, Lumpy for short. He's my pride and joy. A jet black guinea pig who has the sweetest disposition and will even give you wet, sloppy kisses. He loves to be cuddled and will sit with you for ages and make his soft little squeaking sounds. It's like he has tons of stories to tell you since the last time you picked him up. Also, he is so sweet and gentle with my grandchildren. He loves them. I wasn't sure how he would be with little kids since he hasn't been around them much.
Poppy is our love bird. She has the sweetest little cheerful face and looks so innocent and small sitting in her cage. However, she has a checkered past. She pecked her husband to death and was quite proud of herself about it. I knew there were marital problems, but I never thought she was capable of that! Even as you are giving her a treat, she is eyeing you suspiciously and planning your death. We call her our 'War Bird'. And does she bite hard!! Then you look at her and she sits there with her smiley face, all innocent. And boy, she can be loud. I can ignore her most of the time, but my hubby sometimes gets crazy from it and yells from the living room, 'Poppy, shut up!' I tell him that he will tear down her self esteem if he does that, (I read it on the Internet) but he says he doesn't care. Bastard!
Stevie Wonder is my daughters white rabbit. He is completely blind, hence the name. He is a wonderful little guy and gets around by feeling with his chin before he hops, so he hops quite slow. Bunny had quite a crush on him up until recently when Stevie bit her on the foot. The romance was instantly over. I guess Bunny was paying attention when I gave the speech on not taking any abuse from a spouse.
Finally, there is my daughter's hamster named Lucy. She has the biggest features I've ever seen on a hamster. Big nose, ears and mouth. She's orange in colour and so funny to watch.
I don't have a pic of her up but I'll find one and put it up.
Now, the thing is...Holly and I have voices we do for all the animals, so we actually have long drawn out conversations with all the animals putting their two cents in. We do it so often that we don't even notice anymore. Below is a typical 'conversation' between Holly, I and whatever animal is around.
Me: Bunny, what am I going to make for dinner?
Bunny/Holly: Mom, I think we should have steak.
Lumpy/Me: Nooo, raw carrots!
Bunny/Holly: Why does Lumpy get to decide? You asked me, Mom.
Poppy/Me: Why don't you all die?
Stevie/Holly: I vote for the carrots!
Bunny/Holly: Mom, Poppy is threatening us...
Lumpy/Me: Mom, I've been saying that for weeks..
Poppy/Me: If I ever get out of this cage, I'll kill you all in your sleep!
This goes on every day. Now that I see this written down, I'm beginning to think a good therapist may be required!
Poppy/Me: It won't help, I'm still going to kill you the first chance I get!!!


Sharyn said...

Too funny !! Sounds like a real circus!! LOL Thanks for your comments on my blog Tory. take care!

bonnylass said...

What an amazing family you have, must take a lot of looking after, I will pop back often to see how they are going

ashley said...

you're a freak mom, but i still love you!

Tink said...

I LOVE the creative names you have for your pets! And this...

>>She pecked her husband to death and was quite proud of herself about it. I knew there were marital problems, but I never thought she was capable of that!<<

...made me gasp outloud. It's a good thing she's already behind bars. :)