Monday, April 23, 2007

I Really Do Often Wonder......

I often wonder why, when you ask people if they have found what they have been frantically looking for, they reply that yes they did and it was in the last place they looked?! Of course it's in the last place you looked...who finds it and keeps on looking???
Why is it at the deli counter, you order 2lbs. of thinly sliced smoked ham, and some of the clerks will actually ask, 'Do you want me to wrap that up for you?' I usually reply, 'No thanks, just throw it on the floor and I'll eat it here!' Or my favorite...I've got my head bent over the kitchen sink washing my hair and one of the members of my family will walk by and ask me, 'What are you doing?' My reply? 'Storing nuclear waste in the vegetable crisper!' Are they kidding?
Yes, even those near and dear to your heart will ask these crazy questions!
True story....I went to my Dr.'s appointment a full 24 hours before it was scheduled. I thought it was 10:30 am on Tuesday, but when I got there the nurse told me it was Wednesday at 10:30 am. Fair enough. As I was just about to turn to leave, the nurse asked me if I was leaving??? Quick mind that I have, I replied, 'No, I'll wait.' She laughed her head off for ten minutes.
This is just one of my pet peeves, so you'd think I wouldn't ask these same stupid questions....but I do, much to my horror!!! It's especially embarrassing when someone does it to me and I'm so quick with a 'witty' (ahem!) reply. Then five minutes later I ask an even stupider question. (feel free to use that new word, 'stupider', by the way)
So, if my daughter should walk by as I'm posting this, and asks the question, 'What are you doing?' I have my reply ready...'Training my blog for the circus!'

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