Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy New Year All!!

Well, it's been fun around here lately. We have all had the flu since basically Christmas Eve. I was really looking forward to this Christmas as it was the first one here with my grandbabies. Then the challenge just became to survive making all the food. Ugh!! However, even with the challenges, we had a great time together, as a whole family. Even on Christmas night, poor Rob had to leave right after dinner as he was feeling terrible. However, in spite of it all, it was still a great Christmas altogether.
Holly, Ashley, Rob and I all chipped in together and bought NIA Hubby a beautiful fish aquarium, including all the trimmings. We got a great deal on it from the classified ads and it even came with a beautiful hand-made cabinet and a lot of fish accessories such as bridges, plants, castles etc... Don't tell him I told you this, but he actually cried when he saw what it was. He loved it and had always wanted one. It was so nice to see him so happy. God bless his heart, he will kill me for writing this, but it was a beautiful sight to me. I just love that man so much!! I honestly don't know how long we've been married, but we've been together for 10 years and I still feel so in love with him. I don't think I'll ever tire of loving this man. And he spoiled me this Christmas with the most beautiful camera ever. It's one of those new ones....the Canon Rebel. I really wanted it, but in a million years, I never thought I'd own one. And Holly bought me the greatest thing. It is a picture frame do I explain shows a slide show of pictures. You actually have to plug it in! I have no idea of how to use it, but it's going to be great when I take some great pics with my camera and then put them in the frame. What will they think of next?? I asked Holly how we would push the pictures into the frame and she said you have to push them in manually. I believed her until NAI Hubby said she was making fun of me and it wasn't true. Whatever...brat!
We only had one sad spot over Christmas, and that was the death of Poppy. I miss her and all her badness. Poor Bailey. But he's doing fine.
I have been wanting to go to the bird sanctuary ever since getting my camera, but as I've said, been sick on an unbelievably consistent basis. I hope I get there soon, and will post some pics on my photo blog a.s.a.p.
Now for some 'things you hardly ever get to say'....
1) I discovered that I love the smell of Ozenol. I cut my arm and when NIA Hubby put some on my cut, I noticed how clean it smelled. So, every once in awhile, Hubby would catch me sniffing my arm. Somewhere in between all this, Hubby said he was going to make me some coffee and I asked him if I could have a glass of water too. Without batting an eye, he had the nerve to call me an..'arm sniffing, double drinker'! Well, I never....At first I thought..'sticks and stones..etc' but then I thought...'Cool, how often do you get to say that?'
2) Me, talking earnestly to Holly...'Do you realize that we don't have a long distance plan on our phone?? What if I wanted to call Peru or even Romania. Well, I just couldn't could I??' I really hate it when she gives me one of her blank stares.
3) 'The sharks have been hiding in the trees for 2 days now.' (Me noticing the aquarium.)
4) 'I think I am actually Eastern European because all I ever feel like eating these days are black bread and liverwurst.'
5) 'I think the dog peed in my shoe....again!'
6) 'Look, even the animals are in the Christmas spirit...the cat has tinsel sticking out of her butt!'
Anyhoo, I'd like to wish you all a very good 2011. May God bless you all and make this the best year ever!


Cheryl said...

It was great to read a post from you. So newsy! You are indeed so lucky to be in love with your husband. So many people are just together because they're...together. I'm so envious of your camera. Enjoy!!

Happy New Year!!

forsythia said...

You never know when Tory will be in the mood to blog again. I almost thought you WUZ gone from the blogosphere. But then, I couldn't quite remember what your blog name was yesterday and finally gave up. Today the name sailed into my elder-brain, so I typed it in and here I am. Glad you're still writing.

Anonymous said...

I was apprehensive to say anything with you now so far away until NOW that I have good news...after 27 treatments of radiation for Ovarian and Cervical Endometrial Cancer I am now considered Cancer Free..I have to go through extensive check ups every 6 months ..but so far so good.It was the scariest and a very tough time in all our lives..but we got through it ..
Just wanted to share that with you


Tory said...

Thank you Cheryl and Forsythia for comments. Always good to see you both.
Margie, I am so sorry for your illness and I am rejoicing that you are now in the clear. I bet the whole household must have been holding their breath while you were being treated. Keep going girl, stay healthy and God bless. Tory