Saturday, September 20, 2008

Yes, yes, yes, I know I suck. I am so sorry about the long lull in my blog. I have actually been really busy and have a good excuse for not being here.
I stayed up at the love nest for 5 whole weeks! As you know, one of those weeks were with the grandkids. We had such a wonderful time in spite of the fact that the weather wasn't co-operating a lot. We went fishing and I watched my babies catch their first fish. Yay, a milestone I didn't miss. Scarlett started walking the day she arrived and was walking like a little soldier by the time she left. It was so cute.
I spent the rest of the time relaxing and enjoying my time up there.
Now for the big news! I started school last Monday! Yes, I actually did it, even though I didn't think I could. I am in college for the Addictions and Community Service course. I'm loving it, I really am. The teachers are fantastic and the students are wonderful as well. So far, so good as far as understanding and retaining. This was a concern for me being a 'mature' (nice word for ancient) student.
I had a couple of mishaps at school though. I fell down 2 days in a row. Embarrassing, but I'm used to that! But the second time I fell, on Thursday, I actually sprained my arm. My wrist, fingers and shoulder were throbbing and I couldn't really write very well on Friday, but it worked out. I'm so excited, as on Monday we start psychology. I am very interested in that subject, but I hope I can retain all the facts. I'll just try my hardest and pray.
So, I was thinking...what should I do about my blog as I don't want to just let it go, as I have done for the last couple of months. I have decided to leave it until the weekend, and make an effort to let you all know how it's going. That's better than nothing, right?
So, I'll meet you here next weekend to let you know how my week went.
I have missed you all, and will try not to neglect you through my schooling.
Take care all..


forsythia said...


So glad that you're back. I was worried. Looking forward to hearing about your adventures at school.

Margie said...

Good for you Tory
Very Proud of you

Anonymous said...

Good to see you back. Your course sounds really great. I too fell down the other day but I fear tat was due to a particularly good bottle of Merlot '02.

Tory said...

hey forsythia, good to hear from you. I will try really hard to keep up in here more often.
Thanks Margie. I'm really enjoying it.
Hey Keith! At this point i'm thinking of starting a support group for 'fallers anonymous', I will be the poster child!!
Take care