Sunday, October 14, 2007

I'm Back!!

So, I haven't forgotten you all. I have been very neglectful of all of my friends here at blogger. I don't really have much in the way of excuses..some health issues, holidays, etc...
I hope you all had a wonderful holiday filled with family and friends and laughter. Mine was nice and quiet, but still very good all arounds.
I'll get you up to speed on my exciting and wonderful life...zzzzzz!
Actually, the most exciting thing I must tell you about is the addition to our family. Poppy has a new husband! We are trying to breed her and we went to our 'bird man' and he had a 2 year old male lovebird, a good breeder. We picked him up the week before Christmas. I must admit, I was a little nervous about putting another male in with Poppy, considering her record. But our 'bird man' assured us that he could hold his own with her. Within a very short time, they were cuddling and kissing! Holly and I were shocked. What's up with our little 'war' bird? Was she lonely all this time? Maybe even rehabilitated?! She is totally in love with him. We named him Bailey, the same name as her late husband. Why, you may wonder, would we call him this? Well, the poor late Bailey wasn't alive long enough for us to get this name out of our system and we have absolutely no imagination. Besides, we are continuously told to recycle and we wanted to do our part. Anyway, Bailey is absolutely gorgeous! He's a deep emerald green with a deep red head, face and chest. On his tail, he has a gorgeous peacock blue colour with some red and black streaks. He still doesn't trust us, so I haven't been able to get any pictures of him yet to put on the blog, but I will as soon as I can. Before Bailey, Poppy would make so much noise, well, some days I thought she'd look good on the rotisserie...but since Bailey's arrival, they are very quiet. They whisper into each other's ears. I think they are both planning our deaths at this point. Since we are very anxious to have babies, every time I walked by the cage, I'd tell them to get 'banging'...if you know what I mean. Holly and I were toying with the idea of taking pictures of Tequila in some compromising positions and hanging them in Poppy and Bailey's know...a little birdie porn to give them an incentive. Tequila refused to participate, saying he wasn't just a piece of meat. Killjoy!
Anyway, Christmas Eve, Holly is walking by the pantry and she says, 'Mom, the birds are banging! I jumped out of my chair and so did hubby. So, there we were, the three of us, watching the poor birds going at it hot and heavy. I thought to myself...nothing says Happy Holidays quite like spying on your birds mating! Since then, we've caught them a few times at it. Hubby says they've turned into nymphos...I say Hubby's just jealous! He agrees!
The result? There's an egg! I'm so excited. But Poppy isn't spending a lot of time sitting on it, so I'm a bit worried. I'll keep you posted... Also, if it hatches, I promise to take lots of pictures of the little tyke as it grows.
New pictures of Scarlett, for all of you that are interested. She is so beautiful! I miss her so much. She has 2 teeth now and is working on her next one.
I've been having a lot of problems with my eyes. Went to my eye specialist and he's sending me to another specialist. I think I have detached retinas, which will mean operations to try to save my sight. But, not to worry folks, that won't stop me from posting on here. I am an expert typist and don't need to see the keyboard. But my eyes always feel strained and I have a blank spot in my right eye and huge 'floaters' in my left eye. The biggest floater started out looking like a I was complaining about the dragon in my eye for weeks...then it began to look more like the 'road runner' and I complained about that for, it looks like a sperm. I don't believe it's a viable sperm, but it's a sperm, non the less. Now I complain about the sperm in my eye...nobody listens anymore...sigh...

I asked Hubby, if I go blind, does this mean I can have a big dog? He said no, that we would have 'Stevie' fitted for a halter and he can be my seeing eye bunny. That's all well and good, but Stevie is blind! He will probably lead me right into a ditch. Could be fun!
Well, that's all the news that's fit to print, folks. I'll keep you posted on all news.

Tory and the Seven Dwarfs....

As you can tell from the title of this particular blog, today's subject is of a sensitive nature...namely, hemorrhoids. I know, I've read so much on the subject lately, it's like they're the new 'Brittany'! But it's an important subject that should be talked about more often. On the list of important subjects, it should be somewhere between...'Are Micheal and Janet Jackson really the same person?' and 'if we combine all the wax, collectively, from all of our ears, could it be used as a fossil fuel?'
A few years ago, I had hemorrhoids. OMG...painful!!! It's not something that one can complain about, out loud, like a cold or a headache. I had to suffer in silence when in public. Of course, at home I moaned constantly about them, sitting on only one of my two cheeks, knees crossed to give 'the seven dwarfs' more room to elbow their way around. It was like sitting on a very lumpy whoopee cushion, sans noise...well, except for the moaning. Not from the '7 dwarfs', but from me.
It's not like I could tap someone on the shoulder, sitting in front of me at church and say, 'Pray for me, when I 'pass wind', I cry!'
Some days were worse than others, but at the end, I just could hardly take the pain from them anymore. Laying on your side, cheeks spread, praying that they may be able to help take the pain away. Then I gave up on my friends and went to the Dr. about it. Then to the surgeon. They say that a hemorrhoid operation is one of the most painful operations you can have, but the post-op pain was nothing compared to the pain pre-op! I'm glad I had it done.
There, now I've brought the subject out into the open, feel free to talk amongst yourselves about it.
You're welcome!!
Take care,


keith hillman said...

A great humourous take on something that was clearly a bit of a pain in the ass!

Anonymous said...

It's a bit of a bummer when just bumming around is a pain in the .... huh ! Glad you got it all stitched up

Newt said...

Ya know, this is one of those things that happens to many but is hard to talk about. We all have butts, but dang, it's like we don't want to admit we do. I'm glad you shared this.

2sunset said...

been there.OMG!